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Padraig Harrington
Lifting the Wanamaker Trophy was almost as big a challenge as winning it was for Padraig Harrington. (Bleier/Getty Images)

It takes strength to hoist PGA Championship trophy, Harrington knows

After he won the PGA Championship last year, Padraig Harrington was genuinely shocked at how much strength he needed to hoist the mighty Wanamaker Trophy. The best thing about such a heavy trophy, he says, is that no one who lifts it will never forget it.

AKRON, Ohio (AP) -- Padraig Harrington had to play 27 holes in the final round at Oakland Hills last year when he won the PGA Championship. Then came the hard part -- mustering enough strength to hoist the heaviest trophy among major championships.

"Forty-four pounds," he said.

The Masters is easy -- hold out arms, slip into a green jacket. Augusta National also gives its winners a replica sterling of the clubhouse. The U.S. Open trophy is relatively standard and classic in shape. The Claret Jug at the Open Championship is the smallest.

The Wanamaker Trophy awarded at the PGA Championship?

"I was genuinely shocked by the weight when I picked it up," Harrington said. "The only trophy that would compare to that would be the old World Cup trophy, but they don't make them like they used to when it comes to trophies. That is certainly one of the great trophies."

Not much attention is paid to the weight of a trophy, although it was odd in 2004 to see Vijay Singh, the mighty Fijian, struggle ever so slightly when he won at Whistling Straits.

Remember, major champions often pose for some 10 minutes with the trophy for various photographers.

"Every time I switch sides, people think you're switching sides because you're showing your sponsor," Harrington said, alluding to corporate logos on his shirt. "But no, I'm resting."

Maybe the best measure of its size is what the Irishman did with it when he got home.

"I did manage to get my baby son into the trophy, and got a picture of that," Harrington said. "We fit him into it. He was about 10 months old at the time. He's actually in the trophy."

Harrington said the best thing about such a heavy trophy is that everyone who lifts it will never forget it.

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