Anderson Q&A

Scott W. Anderson, PGA Championship General Chairperson & Group President -- Kohler Hospitality & Real Estate, talks about what fans can expect when the 92nd PGA Championship is held at Whistling Straits.

2010 PGA Championship

There is no shortage of prime viewing areas for fans at Whistling Straits. (Getty Images)

KOHLER, Wis. -- This championship season brings to Kohler Co. many milestones, plenty of excitement and new experiences for fans both on and off the course. Learn more from Scott W. Anderson, PGA Championship General Chairperson & Group President -- Kohler Hospitality & Real Estate, as he discusses the 92nd PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.

Previously the Managing Director of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Ga., Scott was responsible for all ticket sales, accommodations, merchandise, food and beverage, sponsor hospitality and marketing. His unique perspective on planning and coordinating international sports events lends to his role with the 92nd PGA Championship.

1)  How would you compare your planning process for the 92nd PGA Championship to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta when you were the Managing Director of Games Services?
The sheer size of the events differ, and for that reason I'm able to be more involved in the specifics of the 92nd PGA Championship than I was in the 1996 Olympic Games. I'm now able to assist in hospitality sales, site planning and community involvement and feel much closer to the day-to-day activities. The other major difference is the passion Wisconsin residents feel for the game of golf. We faced challenges in Atlanta to get the city excited about certain events. That's not a problem in Wisconsin -- golf is king and everyone is excited to participate, as evidenced by the fact that we've already filled our 3,300 volunteer spots ahead of schedule.

2) What are your expectations for the spectators attending the 92nd PGA Championship?
Spectators are going to experience a wonderful event. Each year, the PGA Championship brings the best field of professional golfers of any major championship. The practice rounds are a lot of fun because photos are allowed during these days, the players are more relaxed and they often sign autographs. Fans can also experience the new PGA Town Center without a ticket and enjoy interactive experiences, retail stores, food and beverages. If 2010 is anything like 2004, the crowds will be incredible and the 18th hole will be a site to behold -- with the stands full and the fans enjoying the Championship to the fullest.

3) Describe some of the new on-course corporate hospitality that patrons will enjoy at the 92nd PGA Championship?
The most exciting additions are the Straits Skyboxes located on Holes 9, 16, 17 and 18. These are new for the PGA Championship and will debut at Whistling Straits. The Skyboxes enhance the on-course experience, allowing fans to be right in the action, on-course, in luxury boxes with food and beverage, televisions and reserved seating. We also have reserved seating on the 18th hole, which ensures a fan will have a reserved seat to watch the action on the final hole each day.
4) This summer, the Kohler-owned Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland, will be the host hotel for the Open Championship. Just a few weeks later the 92nd PGA Championship will take place at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wis. What does this mean for the Kohler Co.?
It is almost too good to be true. Kohler is honored to be noted as the first entity to be the host and host hotel for two of the four major golf championships in one year. Personally, I have always been an avid golf fan (not very good, but avid) and to be able to assist in managing two of the four majors in one year is a real dream for me. Naturally there are some stressful times that come along with the excitement but the privilege far outweighs the stress. 
5) What aspects are you most looking forward to when Whistling Straits takes center stage for the 92nd PGA Championship on Aug. 9-15?
I'm looking forward to watching the fans have fun and enjoy themselves. We are in the hospitality business and enjoy providing lasting memories to our guests every day. To be able to provide golf memories to the many fans who will participate is very exciting for me. I am also looking forward to watching a bit of the Championship as well (but don't tell anyone -- I'm supposed to be working!)