Insider's Perspective

In his second stint as the Championship Director at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, Barry Deach has the experience and the know-how necessary to make the season's final major a most memorable event for all fans.

2010 PGA Championship

A seasoned veteran in managing golf tournaments, Barry Deach has seen it all. His second tour as the Championship Director at the PGA Championship, held at Whistling Straits, has provided efficiencies in the planning process and insight into what it takes to host an international golf event at the pristine venue. Under 80 days away, Barry and his team are focused on making the 92nd PGA Championship the experience of a lifetime.
1) The 92nd PGA Championship is officially under 80 days away. What's the team focused on during this time?
Coming down the homestretch, our team is focused on making all of our planning, for the past two years, a reality. We begin the build-out of the venue June 20, which means we begin building the mini-city that is the PGA Championship. From skyboxes to corporate hospitality to media tents and interactive experiences for fans, we are fully engaged in making the 92nd PGA Championship an experience of a lifetime.

2) A first-ever web series highlighting the planning of a major championship "Behind the Greens" launches today. What is this web series about and why should fans check it out?
We're so excited to invite fans to get a sneak peek of the planning process! This first-ever online series will provide a behind-the-scenes experience of the planning of a major championship. Fans will see just a snippet of what it takes to host a Championship both on and off the golf course. The show will highlight key team members leading up to the Championship and the people they interact with during the process, including PGA professionals. The "Behind The Greens" web series trailer and episodes can be found on the official 92nd PGA Championship website: New episodes will premier every week leading up to the big event. For golf fans who want the latest information and chance to win tickets and prizes can also find us on Facebook: and Twitter:

3) This is your second PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. How has the planning process differed this time around and how do you keep everything organized?
First of all, it's a rare privilege that I don't take lightly. I am very honored to have another opportunity to conduct a major championship on a very special, one-of-a-kind venue. But more importantly the PGA of America and Kohler Co. really bring the best of both worlds together in hosting a major championship. Because of the experience learned and the many internal and external leaders involved in making the championship a success, I'm able to focus on building more opportunities for our corporate partners, helping create new experiences for our guests and ensuring everyone is aligned as we get closer to Championship week. How do I keep everything organized...well that's easy, by surrounding myself with smart, talented people - we all work together to keep things on track. My role is really to keep the communications channels open and empower my amazing team members to make the best decisions and build consensus toward our goals. And most importantly, I try to remind people to have fun while working hard!
4) What are your main priorities during Championship Week? After the intense planning and the event is finally underway, do you have a moment to relax and enjoy it all?
My main priorities are focused on being a great host and a successful problem solver. More than anything, it's being available for anyone and everyone, and ensuring they enjoy themselves. There are more than enough personnel, volunteers and workers deployed for the week to ensure all goes well, and that which does not, can be corrected immediately to exceed our customers expectations. There are always wonderful moments during Championship week. It's usually the moments that you least expect, that are most gratifying. Most, if not all, are those special moments when you see, hear, or share in that special experience of delight and joy that comes in conducting a special event. I will say, the eve of a major championship before anyone arrives is a very special experience around the venue, you generally see and experience a moment of great satisfaction and excitement for the fans to arrive. I enjoy every minute of it…all 10,080 minutes to be exact!

5) An event of this size and caliber must require a wealth of support from the host state. How has the State of Wisconsin embraced the 92nd PGA Championship?
I could not say enough about the incredible level of support we continue to receive from Federal, State and Local authorities. The continuation of the success we achieved in 2004, and now in 2010 has been unparalleled across other PGA Championship venues. To have the availability, coordination, joint-support and ever increasing efficiencies in working alongside so many varying level of agencies is truly a credit to the senior leadership of Kohler Co., and the ongoing strategic alliance from Governor Doyle's office to the Town of Mosel. The coordination and relationships are so strong, it has allowed me to focus on other areas to grow and develop the Championship experience. It's truly a model relationship in many, many, many ways.