Expert Tweeters will once again utilize the experts in the business and playing of golf to enhance it's exclusive coverage of the PGA Championship, with a staff of PGA Professionals providing social media coverage from Whistling Straits.

2010 PGA Championship

While the trademark Blackface sheep that normally roam the grounds at Whistling Straits will not be at the 92nd PGA Championship, our PGA Professionals will be. (Getty Images)

That roar you just heard may have had nothing to do with a golf shot but one of the iconic Blackface sheep that roam the Whistling Straits course.

And the most memorable scene of the tournament may not happen on the green but within the waters of Lake Michigan.

How is the golf fan to know?

Video coverage, on television and the web, is typically linear. The screen can only show one image, one event at a time. But during a golf championship, there are 18 holes of action, with several players on each hole. Even more, the tone and feel of the gallery is hard to translate to a picture on the screen. So what's a fan at home to do? will bring its audience closer to the action and all the happenings at Whistling Straits by employing an innovative, aggressive and entertaining array of correspondents and by utilizing the ubiquitous social media platforms of today. This army of reporters will consist of several PGA Professionals, the experts in the game and business of golf, who will deploy to various areas of Whistling Straits and provide real-time notes about the tone and feel of all the events, from the gallery, the chalets, the range and of course, the golf action.  TNT Sports and on-air talent will also provide insider notes, previewing upcoming stories that may air or give more background information on what they are working on for that day's coverage. And there will be a constant update of reports coming from the players themselves, via the player's Twitter account, Facebook status or one-on-one interview given at the course.

"The breadth of coverage that the use of these correspondents can provide is really phenomenal," said PGA President Jim Remy. "And the use of PGA Professionals as many these correspondents, people who know how to see something golf-related and convey it in a really meaningful way, is only going to connect viewers to Whistling Straits and the action here like never before. The connection that readers and viewers will have is going to be unprecedented." will provide these real-time updates via its Facebook page, Twitter feed and via a call-out feature on the Live Video feed.

Providing coverage for will be:

Jim-Richerson Jim Richerson
PGA Professional, Executive Committee Member, 2010 PGA Championship.
Richerson is the General Manager of Kohler Golf Properties in Kohler, Wisconsin.
Ike Bailey
PGA Head Professional at Big Foot CC in Fontana, Wisconsin. Bailey is the President of the Wisconsin PGA.

Dirk-willis Dirk Willis
PGA Professional, Executive Committee Member, 2010 PGA Championship.
Willis is the Director of Golf for Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run golf facilities. 
AndyLandenberger Andy Langenberger
PGA Professional, Junior Tour Director for Wisconsin PGA. 
JoeStadler Joe Stadler
PGA Professional, Executive Director for the Wisconsin PGA. 
JasonManke Jason Manke
PGA Professional, Director of Instruction, Kalahari Golf Academy at Trappers Turn, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.
Todd-Wagner Todd Wagner
Director of Instruction, Kohler Golf Academy, Kohler, Wisconsin.
BillGraham Bill Graham
PGA Head Golf Professional at Chenequa Country Club. Graham is the Vice President of the Wisconsin PGA.
mattfrey Matt Frey
PGA/PGM student at Eastern Kentucky University. 
Lindsay Pitts
PGA/PGM student at North Carolina State University.

Michael Aschenbach
First Assistant Golf Professional at Whistling Straits.

Chris Rogers
PGA/PGM student Penn State University.

Nicholas Dockter
Assistant Golf Professional at Whistling Straits.

Lauren Brubaker
PGA/PGM student at Florida State University.