Thursday's top tweets

We have enlisted an army of correspondents to follow the PGA Championship and post their thoughts and observations on Twitter throughout each day. Here is a round-up of some of the best from opening day.


From John Daly's eye-catching outfit to PGA Vice President Allen Wronowski eyeing's e 3D coverage, our army of tweeters had all of Whistling Straits covered.

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KOHLER, Wis. – Each day of the 92nd PGA Championship, has enlisted an army of correspondents, from top television and web analysts to PGA Professionals, to saturate the Whistling Straits venue and bring you wall-to-wall coverage like never before.  They will cover not just the action on the course but all of the goings-on that happen outside the ropes as well. Their objective is to bring the audience closer to Whistling Straits and the PGA Championship than any golf event has ever been able to do via the Web.’s video streams as well as the reach of social media powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter will be the hosts of the continual updates throughout the day. We will also be following and talking to many of the players themselves for their takes on each day’s events.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the noteworthy notes sent in by our roving band of reporters during Round 1:

Players found ways to entertain themselves during an early-morning fog delay.

From Paul Casey: "Still hanging around for the fog to clear. Poulter just tried the cheese head on, I think it suits him!"

After Bubba Watson snapped a photo of him grabbing some shut eye, Rickie Fowler retorted via Twitter:  "Just resting my eyes...this floor is hard! "@bubbawatson: Ha @rickiefowlerpga sleeping during fog delay!!!

And defending champion Y.E. Yang wanted to start his defense: “Weather once again being a player on the field... Can't wait to go out... Getting a bit tired of waiting”

Our roving band of reporters didn’t get off to such a good start, either.

Wisconsin PGA President Ike Bailey: “Getting my car stuck in the mud while parking wasn't the way I wanted to start my day at whistling straits.  OMG.”

Once play began, the action still didn’t all happen on the course.

Lindsey Pitts, a PGA/PGM reporter noted that: “It's a who's who on the driving range! Yang, Garcia, Cink, Pavin, Barnes, Goosen, Villegas, Woods and many more!”

Dirk Willis, PGA: "Sky Boxes are a huge hit with patrons!  Atmosphere in #16 skybox is festive....comp drinks, stadium seating and fantastic views....Gov Doyle is currently in the box visiting.”

Jason Manke, PGA: “Garbage on the ground, garbage on the ground, you look like a fool throwing garbage on the ground.  Stop it.”

Matt Frey, PGA/PGM: “Spectator just slid down one of the many slopes at Whistling Straits. The course is treacherous for the fans too. Tred carefully.”

One popular topic was the fashion sense (or lack thereof) by the players and the crowd.

Via PGA/PGM reporter Matt Frey: "Camilo Villegas is dressed in unusually conservative clothing for Round One. Must have gotten dressed in the dark." 

One of our more popular tweets was from Lindsay Pitts, PGA/PGM – who sent a note and a picture regarding John Daly’s outfit:
“Mr. Daly, You are a stylish individual. With your Loudmouth pants and matching shirts!” (photo above)

Jason Manke, PGA, also had his fashion-meter running:
“Daly's outfit today looks like: Ricky Fowler on top, October picnic on the bottom. At least it matches” and “Have Lefty's pants been spray tanned?"

And Lauren Brubaker, PGA/PGM certainly found a favorite: “More guys on tour should start dressing like Graeme McDowell!”

And of course, as experts in covering golf, they can still be fans as well.  Of course, one of the most popular topics was the action around the world’s no. 1 player.

Ike Bailey, PGA: "Tiger throws up some grass to test wind. Blades of grass hit me in the face. One blade stuck to my shirt."

Matt Frey, PGA/PGA: "There are too many people following Tiger to me, I tried."

But later in the day, when Phil Mickelson was on the course, the crowds naturally gravitated towards him.

Said Lauren Brubaker, PGA/PGM: “Phil’s on 6 and so is everyone else.”

Players shared their feelings after their rounds.

Via @IanPoulter: “Played great today had a triple bogey on 15th, come back well from that to finish the day even par, had so many chances for birdie, patients”(sp)

And maybe our most interesting report of the day. 

Filed by Lindsay Pitts, PGA/PGM: “Me: "I'd really like to see Ernie win this thing" Man: smiles and chuckles, Ernie comes by, man hands him a sandwich and says, "Get em son."