Friday's top tweets

We have enlisted an army of correspondents to follow the PGA Championship and post their thoughts and observations on Twitter throughout each day. Here is a round-up of some of the best from Friday's second day.


Our Twitter correspondent Lindsay Pitts tracked down the famous Wanamaker Trophy on Friday. Hopefully, she'll turn it over to the winner in a couple of days.

KOHLER, Wis. -- Our second day of saturation coverage of the 92nd PGA Championship, using our army of correspondents, started -- in many ways -- like the first. With a fog delay.  

But’s use of reporters, from PGA Professionals and PGA Professional Golf Management students to the actual players themselves, meant that we -- and you -- were never far from immediately knowing all the happenings that were taking place in Kohler.

Chris Rogers, a PGA/PGM correspondent, told us about the conditions early: “Can't see 50 yards in front of me...this fog is ridiculous!!!!!”

We knew then it would be a long day. As expected, a delay was soon announced. But defending champion Y.E. Yang put us in better spirits when he tweeted a little promo for us.

@Y.E. Yang: “Another late day at Whistling straits...trying to find my right swing. delayed tee off time. watch me on the marquee group video.”

And as the players waited, certainly many daydreamed about capturing the Wanamaker Trophy this week. But too bad for them, it looks like someone beat them to it.

@LindsayPitts: The wanny in the PGA Chalet! Think they'd get mad if I hoisted it?” (photo above)

But it wasn’t long until golf started and everyone was anxious to watch the world’s best, as noted by Jim Richerson, the general manager of Kohler Golf.

via Jim Richerson, PGA: "Mickelson, McDowell, Oosthizen start their 2nd round on the 10th tee. Crowd is 20 deep the entire hole! Just Crazy!”

Though some were less than aware of the names climbing the leaderboard, namely, England’s Simon Khan.

via Jason Manke, PGA: "funniest comment I've heard this morning. Khan? Is that Chaka?"

Our intrepid reporters also braved all the variant weather conditions today to bring you the latest:

From Matt Frey, PGA/PGM: “The wind is picking up on the course & that means 2 things: higher scores & sand in the eyes.”

And our reporter Lauren Brubaker, PGA/PGM, knew of impending precipitation before most others: "uh oh snoopy is leaving does this mean bad weather is headed our way?! "

From Lindsay Pitts, PGA/PGM: “Raining at the PGA champ... Kinda nice to be cooled off!”

Though everyone knows that this is one of the most stunning venues in golf, apparently not all the scenery at Whistling Straits is amazing:

Matt Frey, PGA/PGAM: “Someone just popped their shirt off in the merchandise tent to try something on. Next year: fitting rooms.”

And once again proving beauty is in the eye of the beholder, our most popular update had to do with the fashion taste of a former PGA Champion.

@LindsayPitts: “Mr. Daly, You never disappoint us with your outfit choice. Loving the paisley!

We even heard from players who were pondering what the weather delays early in the day would mean for their rounds later.

@ianjamespoulter: "Time to dive into the shower, get ready for the 6 holes I'm going to get in today. Teeing off 6.05."

And once again, our reporters showed there was more to the PGA Championship experience than just watching golf.

RT @LindsayPitts: "Walking over to get a lesson in the PGA tents outside the front gate. I need help with my irons!”

Where she may have run into PGA Professional Jason Manke:

via Jason Manke, PGA: "There's lots to see and do here. I've moved off course and giving free lessons in the American Express Learning Center”

But most of all, having the slew of reporters covering Whistling Straits meant that you had scores of eyeballs combing the course looking for interesting things that you would not normally know of if you only watched via television or web video. Hope you join us this weekend for more fun, entertaining and insightful peeks to the sights and sounds from Whistling Straits.