No.11 457 yards
par 4

A sharp dogleg left that requires a very well-placed tee shot in order to be able to attack the flag on the second shot. The tee shot is deceptive in that it looks like a player should drive the ball left over the bunkers, but in most cases this will be mistake. The carry is 290 yards to clear the last bunker and anything that does not carry will be blocked out for the second shot. There is plenty of room to the right but this will lengthen the hole considerably. Bunkers are also positioned straight away at 310 yards out. There is a perfect landing area just around the corner that will leave a short-iron shot. This downhill approach shot to a well-protected green will test the nerves of the best players regardless of the club they are using. Bunkers guard the left side of this long, narrow green, while a picturesque pond hugs the right side from front to back. It will take two excellent shots to make birdie here.

Hole descriptions provided by Rick Anderson, PGA Master Professional, Director of Golf, Atlanta Athletic Club.

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