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2013 PGA Championship Thursday Interview Transcript: Martin Kaymer

Q.  Talk about the eagle? 

MARTIN KAYMER:  The back nine, you'll have more chances, a little shorter.  17 and 18 is very tough, they are very difficult holes, but I think the front nine, you really have to hit fairways.  The third hole is a very tough par 3, and 5,6,7 is not easy.  I think the front nine is tougher than the back nine.

Q.  So today, you got a very good strategy?

MARTIN KAYMER:  Yeah, the strategy will stay the same the next three days, hit fairways and greens, give yourself chances, avoid the big numbers.  If you make bogey, it's okay.  You're going to make bogeys on that golf course, but you have to avoid double bogeys and worse. 

Q.  Do you like the location of No. 15 today? 

MARTIN KAYMER:  15, the par 3, yeah, I think the fans, they choose it, right?  I made par.  If I would have made birdie, I would have loved it.  It was a tough pin.  It was not easy.  It was only a 7 iron or 8 iron, but it's quite nice that the fans can participate. 

Q.  What did you do during that rain delay to have such a fast start coming out of the locker room?

MARTIN KAYMER:  I think the first putt, I had like 25 feet for birdie.  It was fortunate that I made that putt.  And then, yeah, I hit a good shot on the par 5, and got a little lucky there that it spun back into the hole with an eagle.  Quite a nice start, birdie, eagle, birdie.  But I just hit good golf shots.  That was the bottom line.  I played really well today. 

Q.  Give me a little more information on the eagle, 8 iron from 153? 

MARTIN KAYMER:  I had 141 meters, so that's probably 160 yards.  Hit a high 8 iron, because I know it's a little bit too much club, but I thought if I hit it high, it will spin and might have a good chance to make four, and to get away with three is nice. 

Q.  You saw it go in on the fairway    you dropped to your knees, didn't you? 

MARTIN KAYMER:  Almost.  Almost.  It's nice, it helps a lot in a major.  It's such a big moment.  You're thinking about four, hopefully, and then you make three, it's such a big bonus, so you're really happy.  I think you guys should be happy that I showed more emotion than usually. 

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