2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Michael Frye

Q. Talk about after playing the Bayonet Black Horse, the transitions that you had to make to the Ocean Course today?

MICHAEL FRYE:  The biggest difference here is that just about every green is elevated pretty significantly.  That's really the biggest thing.  The par 5s at Bayonet I played well, and here I didn't feel comfortable on any of them and that kind of led to the score today.

Q.  Talk about you come in, you're surrounded by the best golfers in the world, what are the emotions going through?

MICHAEL FRYE:  I've played with more than a couple of these guys ever.  Definitely something new for me.  I just wanted to go out and get a birdie on the first hole and I was able to do that.  So I guess, I don't know, I don't even know what to say.

Q.  Despite what you shot, did you enjoy yourself?

MICHAEL FRYE:  It was fine.  It's a difficult golf course.  You know, obviously these guys play golf for a living so they can handle it a little easier than somebody like me. Conditions were very, I won't say easy, but as easy as this golf course can really play.  But I mean, it's just a difficult golf course.

Q.  What's the week been like overall in terms of just the whole setting and the surrounding?

MICHAEL FRYE:  It's definitely been interesting.  The first day I got here was definitely a little shock to the system compared to the second day and settling into Tuesday, I was kind of able to start playing golf again basically just the gallery, and everybody is    every shot in a practice round, a lot of times I'm hitting a lot of shots that I'm not real comfortable with, some I'm not really good at.  And just to have somebody there judging those shots is a little difficult.  It's something new for me.

Q.  Have you taken advantage of the equipment advance or anything like that?

MICHAEL FRYE:  I haven't yet.

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