2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Zach Johnson

Q. How were the conditions?  Yesterday afternoon it was blowing, today was blowing.

ZACH JOHNSON:  Yeah, today was much more extreme than yesterday.  Obviously yesterday it blew.  Both days    you played in the afternoon yesterday, it doesn't matter what wave you played today.  Vastly different from yesterday.

Q.  Is it coming from the same direction today?

ZACH JOHNSON:  A little bit different maybe, just a little westerly, south by southwest.

Q.  You started on the back nine but birdied two of the first three.  What kind of momentum did that give you?

ZACH JOHNSON:  Yeah, I had some good momentum, had a couple other good saves.  I made two bogeys today, one from 91 yards in the middle of the fairway and one from 105 in the middle of the fairway, but other than that there was minimal mistakes and good saves.

Coming in    you've got to get it going downwind.  You're coming back in left to right, and more in than left to right.  Yeah, I was making two putts, but it was hard.

Q.  So it was really a good score out there today, huh?

ZACH JOHNSON:  Yeah, I think it's a good score.  I'm assuming guys will shoot 71s to 69s probably.  I don't know, I'm assuming about 68, but I don't have any idea.  It was tough.

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