2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Bob Sowards

Q. Can you talk about the wind out there today?

BOB SOWARDS:  Yeah, it was brutal out there.  It was very difficult.  The hardest thing is putting.  The greens are so smooth and they're all up, so you have to play wind with putting, and that's the biggest thing.  I feel like I gave away four shots putting. 

But who knows, I mean, it's tough not to three putt out there because it's tough to get it close.  I felt like I hit it pretty good, just not good enough. 

Q.  Everybody is talking about 17 and 18 throughout the week.  What was it like out there object those two holes with the wind.  You managed to get a par on 17. 

BOB SOWARDS:  Yeah, the water is not in play much because you can't make birdie on 17 because you can't get close with that pin placement.  It's straight downwind, played a 6 iron today, could have hit 7, where I was hitting 4 iron and 5 wood in the practice rounds, and 18 is straight downwind, I hit 8 iron into that hole.  Just thought I hit a decent chip but hit it too hard.  They're playing a lot easier than earlier in the week.  But the stretch when you're going this way is brutal. 

Q.  Knowing that this field is going to be coming back, likely coming back, what's the plan for the rest of the day? 

BOB SOWARDS:  I'm going to go eat, and hopefully they don't blow the horn and the wind don't get too hard because my ball started moving a little bit on 17, so go watch it. 

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