2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Darren Clarke

DARREN CLARKE:  The guys are struggling a bit and the back nine is playing particularly tough.  But it's almost like a links, but not, because the greens are raised and you have to hit the ball, you can't chase it in, because this paspalum guys, as you know down in South Africa, as well, you can't chase anything in there.  It's playing particularly tough. 

Q.  You must be used to the conditions. 

DARREN CLARKE:  Yeah, I was loving it.  I was 2 under and cruising along, then hit a couple of poor ones, short sided myself in the wrong place.  Went for the TV up and down, a stupid silly flop shot that was a spin and made a mess of a few. 

All of a sudden it was, try and hang on, but the finish is certainly tough. 

Q.  17 is a tough hole but you're backing the trend and only 1 under in two rounds?

DARREN CLARKE:  Yeah, they gave us a nice, easy pin, over the water straight down into 30 mile an hour wind, so that was very kind of them.  It's fortunate that we have the last couple of holes downwind.  Into the wind, they are a completely different proposition.  All in all, pretty tough day.

Q.  You've seen pretty much both sides of the course; how big is that difference? 

DARREN CLARKE:  Pretty big.  You play in the morning, they are down there and it's fine and you get in the afternoon and the wind is pumping a bit, it's going to be tough, very similar here and same sort of thing. 

The golf course is designed for a little bit of wind and that's what we've got.  I don't know what it will play like that really strong wind.  We shall see maybe over the weekend.  I think the forecast is maybe to get a bit stronger, so we'll see. 

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