2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- GONZALO FERNANDEZ CASTAÑO

Q.  67 yesterday, 11 more shots today, describe how difficult that golf course is?

GONZALO FERNANDEZ CASTAÑO:  Well, it's playing tough in this wind, especially.  On the 10th, we start the first four holes playing into the wind which is never a good thing.  But if you start at the first, at least you get the first four holes a little bit downwind.  So that didn't help me much.

Plus six, it's not the way I wanted to play today, especially finishing with plus four on the last four holes.

Q.  What's the most difficult aspect of the game in these conditions?

GONZALO FERNANDEZ CASTAÑO:  Well, it's everything.  You know, it's playing really, really long and you want to have a chance to get on in two on the par 5s.  These greens, even though they are quite big, they all have a lot of run outs, and of course reading the putts in this wind, it's never an easy task.

Q.  Most difficult hole today, and why?

GONZALO FERNANDEZ CASTAÑO:  I would say 13 and the 9th, both are playing into the wind a little bit from the left to right, so they are both playing very long, even though they move the tees slightly forward, but still it's a driver and at least 4 iron, 3 iron.

Q.  At the end of the day, that score might not be too bad.

GONZALO FERNANDEZ CASTAÑO:  I know.  During the round, I was trying to set up little goals just to keep me motivated, and of course, after that double bogey and the bogey at 7, at 6 and 7, I was thinking, okay, if I can just keep it around level par, overall, not a bad score.  And I 3 putted the last, so I'm not very happy.

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