2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Keegan Bradley

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I'm still right in it, the lead is 4 under and I'm only five back.  If it's like this, any round under par, you'll be okay no matter what. 

Q.  So for two more days out here   

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Tiresome.  But I'm looking forward to it.  I'm so happy I made the putt on the last hole, it really felt good, and I'm in a good position. 

Q.  Are you going to be able to make birdies in a wind like this or is it going to be more like a war of attrition with a lot of pars? 

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  You want to try to make as many pars as you can, but you definitely can shoot under par out here.  I mean, I watched a guy do it today.  So you know, I think that if the wind blows like this, you try to make as many    it's like playing in an Open, a British Open.  You kind of want to hang on and hopefully make a few putts. 

Q.  Compare yesterday's perfect conditions to coming out and facing today and how prepared you were? 

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Well, I don't think anybody was very prepared, just because we never played.  There were a few holes that were just brutal.  I think that that stretch from about 7 to 13 is about as hard of a stretch of golf as there is in the world, I would think. 

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