2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Carl Pettersson

Q.  When you come off in a situation like this in the middle of a tournament, what do you try to do the next day and how do you try to prepare yourself?

CARL PETTERSON:  Well, this happens a lot in the summertime.  We get a lot of delays.  Unfortunately we couldn't finish the third round today.  Just got to treat tomorrow like it's the beginning of a new round and try to prepare like I normally do, and that's about it, really.

Q.  Sometimes do these things help?

CARL PETTERSON:  Yeah, I think so.  I would have preferred to finish today.  I felt like I was playing pretty good.  Anyway, who knows, maybe we get calm conditions in the morning, and we've got more holes left than anybody else, so that might work to our advantage.

Q.  After where you were    where did you stop today?

CARL PETTERSON:  I'm in 9 fairway.

Q.  The approach coming in?

CARL PETTERSON:  I've got 189 yards in.  We'll start there tomorrow and see what happens.

Q.  Two and a half pretty good days for you so far. 

CARL PETTERSON:  Yeah, it's pretty nice.  Hopefully I can keep it going, and the game feels good, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow. 

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