2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Dustin Johnson

Q.  How was your day?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  5 through 13 was a tough stretch of holes but played better.

Q.  Even playing 3:40 as opposed to 5 1/2 doesn't do anything for your game?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  No, it doesn't really make a difference to me.

Q.  As far as the weather conditions, how much better was it today?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I mean, it's still tough.  The wind is not quite as strong as yesterday so it played a little bit easier.

Q.  How would you characterize the fans, you have a lot of buddies, families and friends here?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  It's great.  All my friends and family are down here watching.  It's always fun to have them out here supporting you and playing with Duf today, he's a good friend and a lot of fun.  He played real well today.

Q.  Thought you had something special going there, three birdies in the first five?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I got off to a good start.  Just hit a couple poor tee shots that kind of cost me a few shots on 11 and 6.  That was kind of    I hit good drives there.  Still played pretty solid.

Q.  Has the first few days played as tough as you thought?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Well, out here it's all wind.  The first day was pretty easy and I didn't play well, shot 1 under.  But the last two days with the wind blowing out here, it's just been really tough.

Q.  Is one of your    I assume your biggest disappointment of the week is the way you play the par 5s, is that accurate?  Did you come in thinking that was a place you could definitely do some damage?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Yeah, the par 5s, you don't get a lot of opportunities out here.  You've got to take advantage of the par 5s and I just have played them so poorly.

Q.  Do you and have you enjoyed playing this golf course, or is it a golf course you like to play?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  The golf course is good.  It's in great shape.

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