2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Jamie Donaldson

Q.  Thoughts and feelings? 

JAMIE DONALDSON:  Didn't play great but could have still shot a decent number had a few putts gone in.  A lot of good shots, putts just wouldn't go in.  A couple of misreads.  Could have still shot 2 under or a couple under, and I shot 1 over.  We're still    if somebody has a 'mare at the top and we shoot 5  or 6 under, you never know.  If I can get a few putts going this afternoon I can shoot a decent score.

Q.  The conditions seem to lend itself to a little bit more aggression. 

JAMIE DONALDSON:  Yeah, but the scoring doesn't say that.

Q.  So you're going to buck the trend?

JAMIE DONALDSON:  You know, this afternoon we'll go out there and just try and shoot as low as we can, and we'll see where that takes us.  I didn't play great, but there's a lot of game still in there to come out, so let it be this afternoon. 

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