2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Vijay Singh

Q. Can you just talk about having to come back out this morning?

VIJAY SINGH:  That was fine.  I did a good warm up, and I had a good save on No. 9, and then I don't know why, my rhythm went a little quicker or I was a little too excited or conditions were good and just let it slip away.  I just made some bad errors, one bad club error on No. 14 and then just had a simple shot on 15, just pushed it right.  Kind of didn't manage as good as I did yesterday. 

But it's okay.  I'm in a good position.  I'm not in a great position but in a good position, so I need to go out there and shoot 4 , 5 under and see what happens for the rest of the round.

Q.  How was the course playing?

VIJAY SINGH:  It was playing a lot easier.  The wind was a little different direction, and we just had two, three holes to go into the wind, and it wasn't even strong.  So coming down was all birdie opportunities. 

Q.  Do you try and get a lot more aggressive this afternoon?

VIJAY SINGH:  No, stick with whatever I have, and hopefully the putter gets hot. 

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