2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Joost Luiten

Q.  68 in the first round of the PGA but 8 under after 14 - mixed emotions?

JOOST LUITEN:  Yeah. I mean, I played really well and then to finish the round with four straight bogeys is not a good feeling. But it has been a good experience and I just have to take that into the next rounds and try to stay positive.

Q.   You were making birdies everywhere - what was going through your mind?

JOOST LUITEN:  I was quite relaxed. I made a nice birdie at the tenth to get the round going and then made a nice putt on 11. I was putting great so all I was trying to do was get the ball on the green because the putter was working do well. It was a great feeling to be out there with the crowds cheering me on and playing so well in a Major.

Q.  People will look at it and think you woke and realised you were leading the PGA?

JOOST LUITEN:  You can't deny that you get nervous when you start playing so well in a Major and take a big lead but I was just a little bit too aggressive with my putts on six and seven. I was in the birdie mode and when you are thinking like that all you want to do is to try and make more birdies. The two putts in six and seven I should really have lagged them to the holes and made the pars. Those were unnecessary bogeys; and then I just hit two iron shots in the wrong spots on the eighth and ninth and you make bogeys when you do that on a golf course like this.

Q.  Why the two gloves?

JOOST LUITEN:  I just wear them when I am playing in really hot conditions.