2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Justin Rose

JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, happy with that.  Just a good start, really, good, solid golf.  Hit a lot of fairways, hit a lot of greens.  Obviously the wind came up this afternoon.  Probably going to be more of the same tomorrow.  Yeah, it's nice not to whinge about not having got the morning draw and this and that.  I feel like that's probably going to be a good practice round, if you like, for the rest of the week.  So really, really happy with the start. 

Yeah, made a few pars, pretty happy with the whole game.

Q.  How much more of a challenge was the wind as the day went on?

JUSTIN ROSE:  It's changed.  I mean, the good news is it's consistent, it's from one direction, and you can gauge it, read it.  That's the good news.  It's across on every hole.  It was never ending with the wind off the left.  We played seven straight holes with the wind off the left, which is not a nice feeling for a right handed player.  I felt like it was slightly down breeze on 16, that offered a birdie chance, and then 17 was playing a lot easier today with the back left pin down breeze.  I hit it to 10 feet there.  The wind helped out almost a little down the stretch.  Even 18 was probably an easy hole because of the wind.  When you lost going out to the far end of the course you gained coming back in.

Q.  Knowing that this morning there was a lot of low scores and you were able to post 3 under this afternoon and heading out tomorrow morning, what's the game plan for tomorrow?

JUSTIN ROSE:  Actually the same.  There was no game plan today really.  It was just go out there, one shot at a time.  We're in a long stretch of golf right now.  I'll do exactly the same tomorrow.  If you run into some adversity, just grind it out, and if you get hot, just make the most of it and stay in the moment.  You never really know what to expect on a day like this with course conditions.  I think this course suits playing smart.  I think the greens are flatter in the middle than they are around the edges, so putting to the corners I think suits me well. 

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