2012 PGA Championship Interview Transcript -- Phil Mickelson

Q. You hit it in some interesting spots.  Fighting control of it or wind or what was it? 

PHIL MICKELSON:  I don't know what to say.  I mean, it was    I was just a fraction off here or there.  On 7 I was 1 under and missed the fairway by two yards, and I was in stuff that was taller than me and made 6.  But I fought hard today and kept myself right in it for the most part and should get a bit of a weather break tomorrow morning.  So if I can get out and get a hot hand tomorrow    it actually felt a little bit closer today than it has in a long time.  I felt good on the greens, my touch was back, I started hitting some shots into some pins, but I was just a little bit off, off the tee, so consequently I was playing very defensive, but some of the drives I hit felt very close.

Q.  It's not often you describe a 73 as spectacular.  Do you think that assessment is just off?

PHIL MICKELSON:  Yeah, I didn't think that was spectacular.  I played a lot of angles and I left myself shots that were very doable.  I mean, No. 9 I hit it up on the face of that bunker, and anything to the right of the pin and I've got an easy up and down.  I should get that up and down 95 times out of 100.  But I tried to do that a bunch of times today when I left myself in less than ideal spots.

Q.  What could that have been?

PHIL MICKELSON:  It could have been quite a bit higher.  It could have been quite a bit lower, though, too.  If I had just a few drives that hit the bank on 6 and 9 and were in the fairway instead, I'm looking at maybe making birdies instead of pars.  So tomorrow the key will be to hit the ball in the fairway.  But I'm going to actually start going after it tomorrow.  I'm going to start trying to give it a little bit extra off the tee and see if I can get it down there and take advantage. 

There's a lot of area on this golf course to play.  I mean, it's a very fair, fun, good, great setup.  There's plenty    if you hit a good shot here, you will end up in a good spot, and that's not the case the last couple of majors / FPL but here it is a very, very playable, fair test.  With the conditions it's difficult.  Certainly the severity of the golf course is tough, but it's very well done and set up, and if you play well, and I'm going to do after it a little bit tomorrow and see if I can get it down there and play a little more aggressive, and if I hit some good tee shots, I feel like there's some low scores out there.

Q.  Did you get a chance to see enough of the golf course over the pre tournament days because of all the weather and the issues?

PHIL MICKELSON:  I thought I did, yeah.  I thought I did.  It wasn't    it's pretty self explanatory now with some of the yardage books we have, with some of the green contours we have you don't have to spend as much time to know the nuances of the course.

Q.  Were you concerned when you saw the scores so low this morning?

PHIL MICKELSON:  I kind of figured it would happen.  I figured it would be a little bit more difficult in the afternoon and to not worry about the score, to fight hard, and then the opportunity is tomorrow morning.  We've got to get up and play a good, solid round tomorrow because there will be an opportunity tomorrow to shoot something in the mid 60s.

Q.  This is the first time we've seen you since we understand you are now a proud owner of the San Diego Padres.  Can you talk about that for a minute?

PHIL MICKELSON:  Well, it's exciting for me to be a part of a team that I've been a huge fan of since I was a kid.  I'm really looking forward to kind of bringing them back together with the community.  There's been a bit of a disconnect the last few years, and understandably so, where the community of San Diego has really been faithful and loyal to the team and put a lot of money in to give us one of the best ball parks in baseball.  The last few years I think the fan base has lost a little bit of faith in the team and we'll see if we can turn that around. 

Q.  Are you the Steinbrenner of the Padres' family?

PHIL MICKELSON:  I'm not involved in the day to day, no.  My partners on this, the O'Malleys and Seidlers, they're phenomenal.  They've been doing this for decades, their family has.  They know what they're doing, and I'm a big believer if you get the right people you let them do their job, and I am not the right person on the team, they are, but it's fun for me to be a part of it and see if I can help bring everybody together.

Q.  What's it going to be like sitting in the owners' box knowing that you are one of the owners?

PHIL MICKELSON:  Awkward but exciting nonetheless.  Again, San Diego is such a great city, and I've been fortunate to grow up there.  We have two teams, and the people there are very loyal.  We haven't been as good to the community as the team needs to be, and we're going to change that. 

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