Jason Day hits a shot out of the deep grass on No. 2 on Saturday.

Jason Day truly earns par after embarking on excellent adventure on second hole

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Jason Day’s scorecard will say par for the second hole on Saturday at the 96th PGA Championship.

But it was much more than just a par for Day on the 500-yard par 4, which he accomplished hitting his second shot barefoot in the hazard.

Day yanked his drive over a creek that lines the left side of the fairway and into the hazard area, which was mucky and filled with long weeds. He walked over and looked at the hazard as if he wasn’t going to play it.

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But then CBS analyst David Feherty went across the creek and into the hazard and was followed by Day’s caddie, Col Swatton.

A minute or so later, the crowd across the fairway started yelling at the group telling them it landed farther up the fairway. The crowd yelled, “keep going” to Swatton as he took steps forward, finding the ball after eight steps.

Day then took off his shoes and rolled up his pants, crossing the creek as Swatton crossed back and walked up the fairway – no shoes on – to get his yardage.

But Day couldn’t find the ball and along with Feherty had to re-locate the ball. Swatton then threw Day’s club to him across the fairway and with weeds up to his knees, Day finally took his second shot.

Day's approach then found the green and a putt later, he had a spectacular par.