NASCAR star Ricky Stenhouse Jr. takes in the action from Oak Hill Country Club.

NASCAR star Ricky Stenhouse Jr. takes in the action from Oak Hill Country Club.

NASCAR stars visit PGA Championship

For two special fans enjoying the action at Oak Hill Country Club, a good drive usually refers to an entirely different sport.  Actually, according to NASCAR drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Danica Patrick, the sports may not be all that different.

The duo, who will be racing in nearby Watkins Glen over the weekend, came in to Rochester to take in the sights and sounds of the 95th PGA Championship.  Stenhouse, an avid golfer who sports a single-digit handicap, and Patrick - a new but enthusiastic player - welcomed the opportunity to watch other top athletes excel under extreme pressure.

"When you're in a car, it's a battle of focus and endurance," Stenhouse Jr. stated. "Your concentration level has to stay sharp, you can't get mentally or physically fatigued.  Golf is four hours and those same skills play a big part."

Golf is actually a favorite pasttime for many drivers on the NASCAR circuit, as Stenhouse explained that the quirks of a driver's schedule often allowed for breaks in time where getting away from the intense practices and demands made the golf course a natural destination.

Stenhouse Jr., who has a shot a career-best 74, was excited about what he'd see and learn while watching the world's best players. "As a lefty, I'm always going to root for Phil and Bubba.  And of course, love watching Tiger and what he does and means to the sport."

So for fans who happen to notice one couple who may be walking a bit faster than the others - it's because passing people is what they are most accustomed to. But their aim is to simply enjoy the golf and the players. Just watch out if they find a golf cart or two.