Zach Johnson, Lee Westwood

Zach Johnson and Lee Westwood are just two of the player enjoying the Twitter Mirror

Twitter Mirror proves big hit at PGA Championship

By John Kim, Coordinating Producer

PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- One of the innovative ways that the PGA Championship is bringing major championship golf closer to the fans is through the use of a special "Twitter Mirror."  This unique device actually comes from Twitter and has been used at many high-profile events including the Oscars, the Grammys, the NBA All-Star game and the French Open, just to name a few.

The concept is simple. A special set-up of the Twitter Mirror is positioned in a high-trafficked area and then the players take over. The screen (which has a reflective surface (thus, the Mirror) has branding on it, much like the finished photo, so the players know how their image will appear. A countdown clock then begins and as it hits zero, the image is snapped. Upon approval, a "tweet it" button is pressed, and the image goes live via the Twitter handle.

Though it's the week of a major, the players seem to be enjoying sharing smiles and some fun to break the tension early in the week. Many have asked that we include their Twitter handles as part of the outgoing tweet. Of course, we're happy to oblige.

Come Thursday morning, the business will be all about golf and chasing the Wanamaker Trophy. But for early in the week, it's refreshing to see the players still able to have some fun and give us a sneak peek into their personalities and more social side. 

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