What's buzzing in social media on Saturday? Here's top 10

The weather delay did nothing to halt the flow of social media on Saturday.

What’s buzzing in social media? Here’s top 10

By John Kim. PGA.com Coordinating Producer

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. – Saturday was a day to expect the unexpected.  And fittingly, it didn't even finish out as it was playing out.  And has been the case all week, you got the full story and then some if you kept up with the 94th PGA Championship via various social media outlets.

In our innovative PGA.com Social Caddy, we gathered and scored the 10 most mentioned golf-related items on Twitter. The results were illuminating and interesting.  Let's take a look at what was "abuzz" on this Saturday.

10. Bubba Watson

9. Lee Westwood

8. Adam Scott

7. Ian Poulter

An interesting mix of names captured the seventh-10th scores on social media. Three played very well on Saturday, one (Westwood) didn't play at all. Three have huge Twitter followings while one (Scott) is not on Twitter. (Though understandably, he always gets lots of mentions -- particularly after his heartbreaking loss at the Open Championship.)  It goes to show that the social space isn't simply about shadowing the leaderboard at a tournament.  Charisma and popularity will always garner attention on Twitter.

6. John Daly

Daly is almost certainly at the center of attention in so many ways. Lately, it's been a very good thing for him. His play the last few weeks has been stellar and finding his name among the leaders at the PGA Championship has been both a pleasant surprise and a buzz generator.  Those who attend golf championships where he competes will not be shocked to see him getting mentions -- he's always a crowd favorite. Plus, a wardrobe of Loudmouth Golf apparel has generated even more discussion around the bomber from Arkansas.

5. Vijay Singh

Singh entered the day tied for the lead with Tiger Woods. This two-time PGA Champion is going through a resurgence in his career this week and his efforts to add a third Wanamaker certainly got people talking.

4. Kiawah

Generic as it was, the term Kiawah was used to talk about the course, the weather and the setting. And it was talked about quite a bit. Obviously, once the weather delay hit, weather stations and meteorologists were constantly talking about the front moving toward the island.

3. Rory McIlroy

From opening with two straight birdies to getting a ball stuck in a tree to vaulting up to the top of the leaderboard, Rory had the social world buzzing. His Saturday start was captivating, on TV and online, and the social media response was overwhelming. 

2. PGA Champ

This is our official hashtag for the PGA Championship, and we hoped everyone would use it to talk about the events each day so that we could easily collect your thoughts and experiences. And boy, did you deliver. We kept trending higher and higher and read your thoughts on players, the course, the conditions and your own golf game -- whether you were here at the Ocean Course or in your own living room.

1. Tiger Woods

Not a shock, the runaway leader on Saturday on social media was none other than Tiger. What might have been surprising was why. Coming into the day tied for the lead, anticipation was very high that he would make a run at his 15th major championship title. However, Tiger struggled early and often -- and the tweets of anticipation turned to tweets of frustration and disappointment. But the tweets continued and he was far and away the most "buzzed" about on this day.

So what will Sunday bring?  It will be interesting to see. We have a lot of golf left -- so anticipate a lot of chatter on social media. It will be a great day. Hope you can join us.