'Golf Fix' features National Championship players

PGA Professional Mark Brown (white hat) is one of host Michael Breed's special guests on this week's 'The Golf Fix.'

For Monday's edition of 'The Golf Fix,' host Michael Breed has enlisted the help of several National Championship competitors.

By T.J. Auclair, PGA.com Interactive Producer

SEASIDE, Calif. – More than 300 of the top PGA Professionals in the country are assembled at Bayonet Black Horse this week to compete in the 45th PGA Professional National Championship.

Some of them are pulling double duty.

Mark Brown, PGA Head Professional at Tam O'Shanter Country Club in Glen Head, N.Y.; Scott Erdmann, PGA Assistant Professional at Oswego Lake Country Club in Lake Oswego, Ore.; defending champ David Hutsell, PGA Director of Instruction at the Elkridge Club in Baltimore, Md.; Dennis Miller, PGA Director of Golf at Mill Creek Park Golf Course in Canfield, Ohio; Tim Weinhart PGA Assistant Professional at The Standard Club in Duluth, Ga.; and the father and son duo of Jack Seltzer, PGA Teaching Professional at Kendall Academy of Golf in Ypsilanti, Mich., and John Seltzer, PGA Head Professional at The Polo Fields Golf & Country Club in Ann Arbor, Mich. all lended a helping hand to friend and fellow PGA Professional Michael Breed on Sunday.

Breed, host of the wildly popular golf instruction show on Golf Channel, 'The Golf Fix,' invited Brown, Erdmann, Hutsell, Miller, Weinhart and the Seltzers as guest instructors on his show. 

"Anytime a viewer gets a chance to hear from professionals who have achieved a great level in their playing and teaching, it's a really good thing," said the enthusiastic Breed, who is also the color analyst for Golf Channel's coverage of the National Championship this week. "Seeing them share their knowledge and passion for the game to a larger audience than they may usually have, be it their students or members at their club, is exciting. That's fun for me. I enjoy it. The PGA Professionals enjoy it and the viewer learns and enjoys it. Anytime you can have a situation where everybody wins, that's a fun game to play."

John Seltzer was particularly excited. It was his first time giving instruction in front of television cameras and he was able to share the experience with his dad.

"It was pretty cool," said John Seltzer, who along with his dad talked about the fundamentals of the game and the values of playing golf together as a family. "Michael is somebody that we watch at home on TV and someone you'd like to meet. It was nice to meet him. What a great, high-energy guy. He made it all very easy for us. I had never been on TV before, so I was a little nervous, but he gave us some great advice: 'Just look at me, not the cameras.' He's certainly a professional at it and it was awesome to have my dad there, too." 

Hutsell, who won the National Championship at Hershey Country Club a year ago, discussed ways to play your best golf under pressure. 

"I was asked a few days before coming out here to take part in the show and I've been very excited for it," Hutsell said. "I watch the show all the time. I think Michael does a fantastic job. It's a great opportunity to showcase what I do on a daily basis. I may play golf once a week, but I teach golf every day. It's a tremendous opportunity and I'm really honored to have taken part in it."

Weinhart has been a friend of Breed's for 20 years and enjoyed the opportunity to be on the show.

"My segment was on how to generate more power," he said. "We talked about, 'Nuclear Golf,' which is my teaching philosophy. Michael is such a pro at this kind of thing and it's an honor to be asked to take part in a national show. It's certainly a feather in my teaching cap."

'The Golf Fix,' will air on-site from Bayonet Black Horse on Monday, June 25, at 7:00 p.m. ET., and re-airs on Tuesday, June 26, at 2:00 a.m. ET and 1:00 p.m. ET.