Brad Patterson

The Best Video Ever To Eliminate A Slice
Devised in 2010, this is a muscle confusion drill. It "Fixes Face First" by forcing the golfer to release the club head through proper relaxation of the leading muscles in the golf swing. After 3000+ students, they are told they will hit it straight or a draw in 3 balls or less. Thus far, it is 100% effective with not one single golfer failing to begin hitting a draw. Their slice is gone for good!
Brad Patterson, PGA Professional
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Foxfire Golf Course
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1790 E River Rd
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Baldwinsville, NY 13027-3007
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A 30 year PGA Teaching Professional whose mantra has always been "Keep it simple!"  2011 CNY PGA Teacher of the Year, 2011 President's Plaque recipient for Player Development, 2012 GRAA Top 50 in the US Growth of the Game Teaching Professionals.

Whether beginner or Tour Professional, Brad has the unique ability to assess and resolve any swing fault in just a few minutes. He teaches "feel" where few teachers have the ability to do so. No complex mechanics here! No stack and tilt. Simple physics and geometry following the ball flight laws as taught by Percy Boomer; regarded as the greatest teacher of all time by the Top 100 Teachers in the US.

Brad developed a simple 2 minute muscle confusion drill that will rid a golfer of a slice once and for all. 3000+ students in the past 3 years. In 3 balls or less after using this drill, the golfer will hit it straight or a draw. It is 100% to date. The slice will be gone forever!

Simple, easy to understand thoughts and feelings. Brad will even show each student how to teach themselves and what to expect as exact results in the process.

What are you waiting for? Call Brad today at 315 405-5756.

Services Offered:

  • Instruction
  • Play Golf of America Participant
  • Free Fitting Month
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National Awards

  • 2010 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game
  • 2007 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game
  • 2006 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game

Recognition and Awards

  • 2011 CNY PGA Teacher of the Year
  • 2011 CNY PGA President's Plaque for Player Development
  • 2012 GRAA Top 50 in US Growth of the Game Teaching Pros