Christopher Ardolina, PGA

Christopher Ardolina, PGA Professional
Teaching Professional
Main Address:
Lake Shore Country Club
1255 Sheridan Rd
Glencoe, IL 60022-1253

(847) 835-3051
1255 Sheridan Rd
Glencoe, IL 60022-1253
(847) 835-3051

Chris is a former Jim McLean Master Instructor who has dedicated his life to teaching and educating golfers of all ages and abilities. He has had the privilege to work, train, and learn from some of the top instructors in the country.

His objective as an instructor is to help students achieve their goals and enjoy the game.  Whether they are an aspiring tour professional or someone who has never touched a club before, Chris will create a plan that will reflect their initial desires.   

He believes that there is more than one way to swing the golf club correctly.  Each individual is unique and encompasses different skill sets depending on their athletic backgrounds, flexibility, body types and life experiences; therefore, each student can not fit into the same mold.

Chris is a "total game teacher" and truly enjoys teaching all aspects of the game. He believes that there is a balance between proper fundamentals, concept comprehension, and skill acquisition needed to achieve success at every level. Through a system of first class instruction, effective communication and interactive technology,  students will learn the most efficient way to produce the most desirable results!

Currently, Chris teaches at Lake Shore Country Club druing the summer and the Louis Sauer Golf Studio in the winter months.    Each lesson includes: Slow Motion Video Analysis, Personalized Swing Video With Online Locker, Flightscope X2 Elite Assesment, BodiTrak Shift System Pressure Analysis, Personalized Improvement plan


Services Offered:

  • Instruction
  • Club Fitting

National Awards

Recognition and Awards

  • 2008 Jim McLean Master Instructor
  • 2011 US Kids Top 50 Teacher (HM)
  • 2012 US Kids Top 50 Teacher (HM)
  • 2014 US Kids Top 50 Teacher (HM)
  • 2014 US Kids Certified Coach
  • 2015 US Kids Top 50 Teacher (HM)