David J. Osmer

David J. Osmer, PGA Professional
Main Address:
Nca Golf Academy China
108 Beiyuan Rd
Chaoyang District

As a PGA class “A” member I have gained an uncompromising recognition that performance, integrity and achievement can be successfully aligned through 30 years of experience teaching golf and playing competitive golf. Extensive voluntary travel to Europe, Asia and throughout the US teaching meditation techniques, Chi-Gong, and golf has blended a unique ability to manage, teach and train others. Currently teaching in China has expanded my scope and abilities as an instructor as the culture and people are closely aligned to my strengths and styles of teaching. Golf is ready to explode in China and I am grateful to be a contributing part of this expansion. I love doing exactly what I am doing right now and feel great appreciation for the opportunity to teach in China.

Services Offered:

  • Instruction

National Awards

  • 2009 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game
  • 2005 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game

Recognition and Awards

  • 1995 Chi-Gong Wizard Instructor