Steven R. Clayton

Steven R. Clayton, PGA Professional
PGA Golf Instructor
Main Address:
Oak Hollow Golf Course
3005 N McDonald St
McKinney, TX 75071-0366

(972) 562-0670
3005 N McDonald St
McKinney, TX 75071-0366
(972) 562-0670

Steven Clayton is professional golf instructor and golf fitness instructor. He is fully certified by the PGA of America as a Class-A PGA Pro. In addition to his PGA certification, Steven is also a TPI Certified expert and Certified US Kids Golf Instructor. He brings over 7000 hours of private and group instruction experience along with him. Experienced in teaching all ages of the game. Ages 5-85.

**Technology** -Steven uses top of the line JC Video programs and equipment for video analysis. This program is used by the top instructors and academies in the world. -Launch monitor analysis with the Zelocity PureLaunch Tracker. This launch monitor has Doppler Radar Technology to successfully track the ball outdoors at a 99% accuracy rate. -TRX Suspension and Rip-Cord golf fitness training equipment, Bosu ball, other quality fitness equipment.

**Philosophy** "I believe that there is a multiple range of swings that one may be successful with. With different body types and different ranges of motion, we must assume that there will be different swings. The success depends on the knowledge and effort. With that said, the golf swing is just one piece of a successful players game. Short game and course management are equally as important.

**Approach to Instruction** "Each individual will receive a custom tailored program fit to his/her needs and goals. We will assess your physical limitations, if any. Then create our complete program working forward. Quality practice and proper drills are vital to game improvement."

Services Offered:

  • Instruction

National Awards

Recognition and Awards

  • 2013 PGA PGM Completion
  • 2013 Titleist Performance Institute Certification
  • 2013 US Kids Golf Certification
  • 2009 Successful Byron Nelson Championship Pre-Qualifier