Senior PGA Championship

Volunteer Committee Descriptions


Sign up today for a great experience as a volunteer at the 64th Senior PGA Championship!

Volunteer benefits include:

  • Championship uniform - A championship logoed, brand-name golf shirt, windshirt, and headwear (cost - $90.00). Option to buy coordinating outerwear available
  • Championship credential for the week - Which may also be used to enjoy the championship on days not working
  • A copy of the Official Journal - The commemorative publication of the 64th Senior PGA Championship
  • Lunch for each day worked
  • Opportunity to purchase one additional ticket for your spouse or guest at a 50% discount
No experience is necessary. Golf knowledge is preferred, however, training will be provided. All volunteers are required to attend volunteer training, approximately one month prior to championship week.

There are 19 committees, made up of volunteers, who help to make the Senior PGA Championship a success. From assisting the media to allocating golf carts, there is a committee for you.


Fulfilling on-line ticket orders, and selling daily tickets and junior tickets to the event. Committee is located in a trailer near the main admission area. This committee will work closely with PGA Staff.

Allied Golf Associations Check-in

Members of allied golf associations (PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Etc.) are invited to check-in at the Allied Golf Association Check-In Trailer to pick-up complimentary daily tickets. Volunteers on this committee will be responsible for distributing these tickets.


Members of this committee will be asked to staff Caddie Registration on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of Championship Week. During the Championship rounds, this committee will be responsible for distributing caddie bibs on the first tee and for collecting the bibs following play.

Card Copy

Members of this committee (adult volunteers) will work with the junior volunteers to collect player scorecards, copy and fax to scoring control, Media Center, Public Board, and PGA office.

Corporate Hospitality

The corporate hospitality services committee will staff the corporate hospitality services trailer. You will be working under the direction of PGA Staff from the Corporate Hospitality Services department at the PGA of America. This function is in place to ensure the corporate hospitality patrons of the Senior PGA Championship have a very positive experience while entertaining their guests in their chalet or at their table.

Golf Carts

Golf cart credentials will be issued to each individual authorized to use a cart during the week of the Championship. Members of this committee will be asked to distribute and collect event golf carts daily.

Greenside Reporters

One Greenside Reporter will be positioned by each green and will send the players' scores for that particular hole to the Scoring Control Committee via a small hand-held computer. The players' scores will be given to the Greenside Reporters by the Walking Scorers.

Information/Lost & Found

Members of this committee will staff Information stations for the benefit of all Championship patrons. Information regarding the event, the site and surrounding area will be distributed from these stations. This area will also serve as a lost and found for items lost on the golf course, as well as a storage area for prohibited items brought to the golf course by mistake (i.e. cameras, cell phones, etc�)


This committee will be responsible for posting the players' scores on the leaderboards located throughout the golf course.


Marshals will be assigned to various holes and areas of the golf course. Members of this committee will assist with maintaining gallery control and ease the flow of movement for players, caddies, official and media.

Media Center Registration

Over 200 members of the local, national, and international media will be in attendance for the Championship. This committee will work inside the Media Center and will assist PGA Staff with media registration and other administrative tasks.

Merchandise Tent Volunteers

Volunteers working the Championship Golf Shop (a large merchandise tent) will assist the PGA of America with greeting guests, stocking inventory, bagging purchased goods and more.

Public & Media Scoreboard

The Public and Media Scoreboards list all of the contestants in the field and their scores for every hole played. It will be this committee's responsibility to assist the calligrapher in posting the scores as they arrive via fax.

Scoring Control

The Scoring Control Committee is responsible for receiving the players' scores, sent by the Greenside Reporters, and distributing those scores to the event scoreboards, thruboards and television compound.

Tee Refreshments/Programs and Pairings Distribution

This committee will be responsible for distributing coolers of refreshments, programs, and pairings sheets to the golf course and other areas throughout the Championship. These areas will be monitored and re-stocked by the committee throughout the day.


Thruboards are placed near leaderboards throughout the golf course. Each thruboard indicates the names of the contestants playing through a hole at that time. It also indicates how those contestants stand in relation to par for the day and the event through the previous hole completed. The names and scores listed are changed approximately every 10 minutes as another group plays the hole.


During Championship week, this committee will be asked to transport players, officials and VIPs to and from the golf course, the airport, and the official hotels. Drivers will also be needed prior to Championship Week in order to deploy courtesy vehicles from a designated delivery area to the appropriate areas for VIP pickup. Returning the cars to the appropriate location after the event is also the responsibility of this committee.

Volunteer Services and Uniform Distribution

Distributing Volunteer uniforms several weeks prior to the tournament, exchanging uniforms just prior to the tournament, selling excess uniform items, distributing volunteer lunch coupons and serving as a volunteer message center.

Walking Scorers

One Walking Scorer will be assigned to walk with each group of players and will be required to keep the players' scores, as well as selected statistics. It is important that members of this committee be knowledgeable in the game of golf.

Be part of the action by signing up to be a volunteer at the 64th Senior PGA Championship! Download an application. ( free Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print PDF files.) If you wish to receive an application via U.S. Mail, please send your name, address, and daytime phone to, fax the information to 800.742.4698 (561.624.7606), or call the Championship Office at 610.356.1100. Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be a part of the 2003 Senior PGA Championship!

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