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Quick Quotes from the
64th Senior PGA Championship

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Quick Quotes from Last Year..

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AKRON, Ohio -- Quick quotes from prominent players in Friday's second round of the Senior PGA Championship:

Ted Goin (68-76�144):
"Actually, I played pretty well today but I three-putted five times. I had [39] putts. I had 31 or 32 putts yesterday, which isn't real good. I hit most of the greens, but when you three-putt five times, it's hard to score. Today it just sort of seemed like Murphy's Law on the greens."

Hale Irwin (71-70�141):
"I'm going to go out and putt a little bit. I was putting good a the beginning of the week, but now it's just a struggle on the greens. I missed two real short putts, maybe a foot and a half each. No one is running away and hiding, at least not right now � I am probably going to have to shoot a couple of 66s to win."

Tom Jenkins (76-68�144):
"I played about the same [as yesterday], but yesterday we were playing nine holes in a pouring rain. I for one don't particularly like playing in the rain. It's a hassle keeping everything dry. There are lots of distractions. You know as you play the course, you get to know the greens better. Today everything was drier, plus today I just hit the ball better."

Larry Nelson (70-68�138):
"[Firestone] feels more like the U.S. Senior Open than our Opens have been. We haven't played a U.S. Senior Open course that's been as difficult. I think it's great. There's no reason to make our majors a pitch-and-putt. I think the guy who wins the majors out here should be able to drive the ball, hit your irons and putt."

Jack Nicklaus (71-78�149):
"I don't worry about cuts � I'm more interested in hitting good shots. I was pretty pleased with the back nine. You know, I don't really worry about my injuries � it's just years of playing golf taking its toll. All I can do is take one shot at a time. Some days you are good and some days you aren't, and today I wasn't very good."

Pete Oakley (73-71�144):
"[His eagle on No. 11] was awesome. There were about five people behind the green but I felt like Arnie going up there. I hit a 9-iron just perfect [from 119 yards out] and it rolled right in. It gave me impetus to continue on and do well. I saw my name on the leaderboard at one point � it didn't seem to affect me but it must have because I double-bogeyed and bogeyed a couple of holes coming in. I may find out what happened tonight when I talk to my sports psychologist."

Jim Thorpe (69-71�140):
"I played pretty decent for two rounds. I'm driving the ball well, hitting a lot of nice iron shots. I'm just not making putts for some reason. I'm going to go work on the greens for a couple of hours, and find a nice rough spot where I can practice."

Bobby Wadkins (70-70�140):
"We're in the ball game. We're close to the lead, but today was a lot nicer. I stayed dry all day. The golf course is in beautiful shape and it's there for somebody that plays good to shoot a good score."

Tom Watson (69-76�145):
"I need to turn my putting around. I had about 36 putts so you can't expect to score real well. I need to get under 30 putts, and we'll see what happens. I�m hitting the ball well enough and outing the ball in play � I had one of the worst putting days I've ever had, but I got a good tip from Jack [Nicklaus] and things will get better tomorrow."

Larry Ziegler (70-68--138):
"I think this is the hardest, fairest course I've ever played. No gimmicks. Guys love coming here to play golf. We play so many courses where you feel like you're playing Mickey Mouse. They've got big, old rolly greens. It's not fun to play what they're building today."

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