The 2004 Senior PGA Championship
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Interview with Gil Morgan

May 29, 2004

Q. Tell us about your round since I last talked to you.

GIL MORGAN: Well, it wasnít too spectacular. I didnít play nearly as well, obviously. I did make one birdie and no bogeys on the front. And then I got to hit my drive at 10. So thatís where I am right now for the restart in the morning. I donít know, I just probably am a little tired, I would think. My shot making wasnít not nearly as good as it was early in the day. So thatís about it in a nutshell.

Q. Well, youíre in second place, thatís a good place to be.

GIL MORGAN: Well, itís not too bad. Iíve been worse. Thatís for sure.

Q. Talk about the layoff and probably you wanted to keep playing all night the way you were playing.

GIL MORGAN: I didnít get much sleep last night for one thing. And then having to sit around all day, I think that tired us out a little bit. And then itís, hard walking when itís soft like that. So itís a little harder and my heelís bothering me a little bit, so I was kind of tippy-toeing out there.

Q. Talk about not only playing 8 and a half tomorrow but perhaps even starting that third round.

GIL MORGAN: Well, I donít think it will be much different than today. Itís just the situation that you just do whatever they call for in that regard. But hopefully Iíll be a little fresher and I might not have to play as many holes, you never know.

Q. Do you like where you stand right now?

GIL MORGAN: Well, right now I canít be too disappointed with where my positioning is though, you know, itís not stellar, compared to the rest, but, hey, Iím pretty satisfied with it at this point

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