The 2005 Senior PGA Championship
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An Interview With Hajime Meshiai

May 27, 2005

HAJIME MESHIAI: Started out on 10. The wind played differently today than it has been from yesterday. It played very difficult. I 3 putted 11 for a bogey, but then my round really turned around at 14. I hit it in the back bunker there, and then blasted out and it went in for a birdie. And that really kind of changed the mood of the whole day for me.

I made birdie at 16 from about 10 feet.

And then at 18 it's an easy birdie hole if you just put your drive in the fairway. But I hit it into the right rough, had to lay up and ended up making par.

Then the back nine or I guess the front nine, I made birdie at 3.

But then I came back with a bogey at 5. 5 was playing very difficult today. If I could have made par at 5, I felt like maybe I could have relaxed and made a birdie at 6, but just ended up making pars coming in. These greens are really tough. Especially from, oh, five, six feet. You just can't really make a good go at it. Even two and three footers are hard. I'm putting very well this week.

Q. Yesterday and today it seems like it's been an adventurous round. A couple of pars and bogeys, but birdies too. Is that like you and how have you been able to keep it together for two days and put up good numbers, despite the ups and downs?

HAJIME MESHIAI: I guess you can say I I mean, I hit it very long, so I'm always I hit it in the fairway to make birdie. But yesterday I started out, after the first three holes, you want to be at least 1 under par. I started out two over yesterday. But I still, I knew there was a lot of golf left and I was able to turn it around on the back nine. But the course is playing hard. It's really difficult. But that's kind of my golf. I like to make a lot of birdies. My golf can just turn on a dime. I was 3 over after nine holes yesterday and then I made a bomb at 10 and eagled 11 and birdied 12 and I was back in the game. But then I, you know, when I got in contention near the top, then the birdie putts kind of stopped falling.

Q. What is life like on the TOUR for you out here? Not speaking the language very well and not being from here? Do you travel with friends and family, how have you gotten along?

HAJIME MESHIAI: It's hard, but this is my second year on the TOUR, so I've made friends and they all understand that my English is limited, so they speak slowly and we get along fine.

Q. This is the home course for one of the United States greatest golfers in Arnold Palmer and there's been some big galleries here on the first two days to see him around. Is there any significance for you about seeing Arnold Palmer play here on his home course or is he getting a chance to soak up any of that atmosphere?

HAJIME MESHIAI: 11 years ago the U.S. Open was held at Oakmont, near by here, and Arnold Palmer received the same ovation at every hole like he is here. And it's exciting. It's an honor to be able to play here at his home course. And just to be part of it.

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