The 2005 Senior PGA Championship
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An Interview With Mike Reid

May 27, 2005

JULIUS MASON: Mike Reid, ladies and gentlemen, playing in his very first Senior PGA Championship. Mike, nice round today, if you wouldn't mind giving us some opening thoughts and we'll talk about your card, specifically your birdies and your bogey and we'll go to Q&A.

MIKE REID: Okay. I'm very surprised to be here. I think if you had, as I said to Jimmy Roberts, I think if you asked the fellows I played with on Tuesday and Wednesday, they probably are more surprised than I am. This course just demands a lot of focus and I've gradually gotten a little better. I was pretty sharp yesterday. Today I was a little more scrambling. But, gosh, you know, two rounds under par here, I'm just thrilled with that. And it's, you know, it's a surprise but it's a pleasant one.

JULIUS MASON: Let's talk about your card real quick, please.

MIKE REID: Started on 10 and, let's see, just made a lot of pars. I got it up and down on 10 out of the bunker.

Let's see, 17 I hit a 3 iron and pulled it a little bit and it went too far into the back bunker. I blasted out about 25 feet and 3 putted therefore a bogey. Then hit a good 3 wood on 1 and a pitching wedge about four feet. I made that for birdie. 3, I drove it right and kind of punched it back out into the fairway and hit a 9 iron about three feet and made that for birdie.

Five, I hit a let's see 7, I hit a 3 wood again down the fairway and hit a 9 iron about two and a half feet and made that for birdie.

I had fair chances at 6 and 8 for birdie and then 9, I drove it left and hit my second shot over the green and chipped it back and made about a six footer there for par. So it was a solid day.

Q. Tuesday and Wednesday how bad was it and what turned you around? What changed for you?

MIKE REID: Well, I just wasn't hitting the ball really solid. I think that I just decided that maybe I was trying to do too many things perfectly. And I just decided to settle on trying to hit the ball trying to swing with good tempo and even stand a little bit closer to the ball maybe. I think that I hit a couple of good iron shots and the first couple of holes there yesterday that got me thinking, you know, maybe just a small adjustment like that has put things in place. But things have been so busy at home lately that I haven't been as diligent about practicing. I have sort of come out and tried to find it. And sometimes I find it and sometimes I don't.

But this week I think that little shift moving the ball a little bit closer and trying to swing within myself. Just trying to keep good balance. Nothing extraordinary. It was pretty fundamental thoughts. It's a very demanding golf course and particularly when the wind is blowing like this.

Q. You've got still got the afternoon round to play out there, somebody might be able to go lower than your score, what do you think about here in the next couple of hours as you maybe watch the scores come through? What's your feeling?

MIKE REID: Oh, I don't think about it much. There was a day when I probably would go out and hit two or three buckets of balls and try to get it perfect. But, you know, I think I would like to go see, what is it? Indiana, Pennsylvania, the home of Jimmy Stewart. I got to see that museum. I was here in 2001 and I told my friend from Pittsburgh that and we missed it that year. We kept getting rain delay and stuff like that. And I don't know how late it's open tonight, but I think I'm going to go see that. I can hit balls I've hit a lot of balls. And I'm likely not going to find much. So, geez, you know, I think I'm going to go see the Jimmy Stewart museum and see if I can forget about golf for awhile. This course, I was spent by the last couple of holes. It takes a lot out of you. I can't speak for everybody else. But, man, I'm spent. I knew I was tired yesterday when I finished and it's demanding.

Q. What is it about Jimmy Stewart that you want to go see his museum?

MIKE REID: Well, he's just a legend.

Q. No particular connection?

MIKE REID: No. No connection. I've just always admired his career. He's a great actor. I think I have got some, several of his films. He's Jimmy Stewart. I mean, why do people come here to watch Arnold Palmer? I mean he's a legend too.

Q. Along those same lines, I was just wanting to ask if you have had any chance to get out and about in the local area and if you had, if you had seen anything or been anywhere that sticks out in your mind?

MIKE REID: No. No. That's why I hope to make it up there today. When does it close? Anybody know?

JULIUS MASON: We will find that answer out for you momentarily, we have some people from the chamber working behind the desk. If they don't have the answer, nobody will.

MIKE REID: All right.

JULIUS MASON: I understand Puff Daddy is near by too. So you might be able to kill two birds with one stone.

MIKE REID: That's the other end of the extreme.

Q. You said you've been busy and haven't been able to practice as much. What have you been busy doing? Do you have a lot of other things going on?

MIKE REID: Yeah, just a lot of family type things and just, you know, we still have four children at home. We have six children total. Two married daughters, a grandson, and life is full.

Q. What were some of the activities you went to last week that kept us busy? Are they on sports teams or what?

MIKE REID: Well, my son in law graduated from the University of Utah. I caddied for my 18 year old in the U.S. Open qualifying. My 11 year old played a great soccer game and then had, we had an awards dinner afterwards at a neighbor's house. My eight year old had a dance festival at school. And that was a thrill. To see an eight year old out there with an exercise stick dancing to some Disney tune. Gee, it just seemed like there was something going on all the time.

Q. I have two questions. How did your 18 year old do in the open qualifying?

MIKE REID: He struggled. He shot 78. It wasn't nearly good enough. But it was a good experience for him. And I think that that's his first sort of trip into the deep water to get some really good competition. So it was his first event of the spring and so he's got some work to do to improve for sure. But it was still.

Q. You talked about some mechanical stuff, moving the ball in your stance. How much of that do you think is really physical and then how much you move it a little bit and you hit two good balls, how much is that confidence and upstairs more so?

MIKE REID: Oh, the answer to that is yes. Game's 90 percent mental and the other 10 percent is in your head.

JULIUS MASON: Mike Reid, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much.

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