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An Interview With: Mike Reid

JULIUS MASON: Mike Reid, ladies and gentlemen. With a stoppage of play today in the third round. At minus five. Mike, some general thoughts on the day and we'll go to Q and A, please.

MIKE REID: I was pleased with my play and position in the tournament. It's a tough golf course and I think as you lack back on my round today in particular, I can't think of any hole on the golf course that you're not happy with par on. And I made a lot of pars today.

I had two good chances for birdie and made one out of the two. So I was in good rhythm today and very pleased with my play. Hopefully I'll pick it up where we left off tomorrow.

JULIUS MASON: Questions?

Q. Can you talk about how the course held up with all the rain and what was it like playing in all the rain today?

MIKE REID: It was remarkable. I think I only saw one ball with any mud on it at all. The greens still have plenty of speed to them. It's just remarkable what they can do on these golf courses today that they couldn't do. Technology has improved for sure, I guess.

Q. Did you make it to the Jimmy Stewart Museum?

MIKE REID: Yeah, I did.

Q. How was it?

MIKE REID: It was terrific. I had no idea he had done 81 films. But just an exemplary life. He served in the military, flew, I think, 30 or 35 missions in, with heavy bombers in World War II. And comes from a great family. It was a fine museum, right next to the courthouse. And there were a lot of things in there that are unique and so I was very glad I went.

Q. Why did you go there?

MIKE REID: I've just been a big Jimmy Stewart fan. He was one of my favorite actors. He lived in an era and was part of the kind of movies that you don't have to ask about ratings. You take your children to them and you can rent them now. I just appreciate that.

Q. What was your mindset like this morning when you were watching the rain, wondering what time I'm actually going to get off the tee today and now what's your mindset knowing that the day is over and you haven't finished your round?

MIKE REID: You just have to be ready when it is your turn to play. I think the challenge regardless of what the with weather conditions are is to just keep your mind in the present tense and just pay attention to the shot that's ahead of you and try to be ready to play. It's a little bit tougher mentally, but you can certainly understand why they made the decisions they made. Tomorrow morning when we're out there again it will just be time to get back to work.

You can say, I guess, what you want about the physical nature and playing more holes tomorrow than you had intended to or this or that, but I think that's sort of is neither here nor there. I think the difference is your attitude towards it. You just got to have a good attitude about it and be ready to play when it is your turn.

Q. With the lump of people near the top of the leaderboard, do you think par golf tomorrow may win the tournament?

MIKE REID: It's hard to figure. You don't know what kind of day you're going to have tomorrow. Weather wise. How the course is going to be setup. I think there's a lot of golf left to be played too. You guys are in the prediction business, not me.

JULIUS MASON: Thanks for coming down, Mike.

Q. Can we go through some of the holes. You started with a birdie on one.

MIKE REID: Yeah, a driver and a 9-iron to about 10 feet on the first. And holed that putt for birdie.

Boy, other than -- I miss the fairway on the 109 and hit an 8-iron about four feet there and missed that one.

I don't think I -- I don't think I missed any other fairways or greens. I had some long two putts and in that stretch of pars from two until 10, but other than that, it was just hitting fairways, hitting greens mostly.

Q. Making that opening birdie did you think this was going to be the start of something good or did you say that's a 3 and we'll get on with the rest of the golf?

MIKE REID: Yeah, you know, you just look at opportunities like that and you hope you can setup more like that. But you just have to play them one at a time. It's pretty unromantic, but that's what you have to do, I think.

Q. Is this a philosophy you've just come to later in your career or you've always been this kind of relaxed and so on?

MIKE REID: Well, I look relaxed, but, no, yeah, I guess you develop it after awhile. You try to play your game and I think everybody has to play their game. My game certainly wouldn't be Arnold Palmer or Lanny Wadkins' game, but I've got a different personality and so I just try to play the way where I feel comfortable and hit the kind of shots I feel like I'm capable of hitting.

You can, I guess, consult Aesop, you know, some people are hares and some are turtles and I'm sort of a turtle, I just like to keep plugging along.

JULIUS MASON: Thanks very much, Mike. I think we have a couple other players coming in.

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