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Quick Quotes from the 66th Senior PGA Championship

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Friday, May 27th, 2005

Quick Quotes from Bob Ford

Q. How do you feel about your round today? I notice that you were pretty consistent overall. Shooting the same as yesterday.

BOB FORD: Well, I played better today. In the last two holes I just couldn't shake in a couple five footers to shoot a better score today.

Q. Any minor improvements or anything for tomorrow?

BOB FORD: Well, I hope my putting gets a little better. I'm a little shaky with the putter. So that's what I need to improve.

Q. And how does it feel to make the cut here at the tournament?

BOB FORD: It's great in your hometown. My family just got home today from Florida for the school year so I'm anxious to play on the weekend and have them come up and watch.

Quick Quotes with Tom Kite

Q. How do you think you played today?

TOM KITE: I played very poorly today. 73. I really struggled out there. Didn't hit the ball very well. Got to do a little better the next couple of days.

Q. What do you have in mind for making a better round tomorrow?

TOM KITE: Hopefully hitting the ball better. Got to figure out a way to get the driver in the fairway. It was not very good.

Quick Quotes with Butch Sheehan

Q. How do you feel you did today on your round? You shot a 1‑under?

BUTCH SHEEHAN: Well, I had double bogey. I thought I drove the ball pretty good on number 4. Drove it through three feet into the rough and it was about in eight inches of grass and made double there.

I missed a three footer on the last hole for birdie. But other than that was pretty good.

Q. Being a club pro do you feel pretty confident about your game now as far as the other professionals?

BUTCH SHEEHAN: I spent two years out here, 2002 to 2003 I was on the Champions Tour.

Quick Quotes with Don Reese

Q. How do you feel you played today and is the course playing any longer than it was yesterday or any differently?

DON REESE: I don't think it's playing any longer. I made a couple doubles which kind of gummed up my day. And just didn't play that well. Didn't play bad, but alls it takes is a couple swings.

Quick Quotes from Des Smyth

Q. Through two rounds, with two wins this year, how do you feel coming into this championship?

DES SMYTH: Yeah, I felt confident coming in. But I had two poor rounds. I mean, I'm plus six, I'll have to hang around and see if I make the cut now. I didn't play as badly as I scored. I had an 8 on one hole and yesterday I had a double bogey early on in my round. So I think I got a couple of big, heavy punches.

So I struggled through the rest of the 36 holes. But if I make the cut I'll certainly go out and try and shoot some low rounds.

Q. Is the course playing any differently than it was yesterday?

DES SMYTH: No, it's very similar. A little more wind than what it appeared. I mean, if you get to the wrong side of this course, you're going to shoot plenty of shots. There's plenty of trouble out there. The thing is to get a couple of birdies and get a little momentum going and then you can do the business properly. I'm afraid I didn't.

Quick Quotes from Rodger Davis

Q. You're 5 under for the day. How do you feel about that?

RODGER DAVIS: Oh, pretty good. Although disappointed, to tell you the truth. I had two, three putts on the back nine and I missed about a three footer for birdie at the 12th. So it could have been well better.

Q. What improvements do you think you'll have for tomorrow?

RODGER DAVIS: Couple of more of those and I think I could just about win the tournament.

That would be great.

Quick Quotes from Jay Haas

Q. What is like juggling your time between here and the Regular TOUR?

JAY HAAS: I don't feel like it's any different. I mean, it's a tournament, it's a week away from home. If I play well, you know, on this TOUR, or the other TOUR, I seem to I do okay. If I don't, then I don't do very well. So it's I don't feel like I'm juggling anything. It's just this is a Major tournament, this is one that I wanted to play in, so it's, it doesn't seem to be a burden by any means.

Q. Being the runner up last year at Valhalla, do you see any similarities in the course or any major differences that really stand out to you?

JAY HAAS: Not really. Valhalla was a good test. We had terrible weather. It rained just about every single day. But this is a very good golf course here. The greens are tough, really subtle greens. I think that these greens are probably tougher to putt than last year's greens. Scores were better last year. I think we were playing lift, clean, and place. And the ball was stopping and the greens weren't as fast and all that.

So if it doesn't rain, you know, you will see the scores will level out a little bit on the weekend.

Q. And what is it like watch your Bill, your son play on the Nationwide Tour?

JAY HAAS: It's great. I'm nervous for him and I want him to do well. It's a thrill for me to see him play and when he does well it's great. When he doesn't, I feel for him, but I understand it's a tough game and it's he's got a long career ahead of him, so I try to pump him up.

Quick Quotes from Arnold Palmer

Q. How are you feeling?

ARNOLD PALMER: Well, I feel good. I'm tired. It's a long walk. I haven't been playing tournaments and to walk as much as I did today, it works on you.

Q. Feel better feel good about your round? What's your general feeling after the round?

ARNOLD PALMER: Oh, I feel terrible about my round. But, I get tired of saying that. I say it so much any more. I didn't hit the ball good. And mostly off the tee. I hit the fairways, but I didn't hit it long enough. It's too short. And on a golf course like this, that makes it difficult. I'm hitting woods I wore my fairway woods out, or my metal fairway woods.

Q. What do you think of the reaction you're getting from the galleries?

ARNOLD PALMER: Oh, if it weren't for the support the gallery gives me, I wouldn't be here. I would be watching. They are wonderful. They are very supportive. And of course they make it fun for me.

Q. How do you approach tomorrow? Is it just another round of golf, just go out there and do the best you can?

ARNOLD PALMER: Well, no, I'm going to come out and play as good as I can play and try to play good enough to make a good round out of it. And I'll probably give every effort I have into that round. There's some things pending on that. If I don't have some encouraging shots now and in the near future, how much tournament golf am I going to play? I got to be encouraged. And right now I'm a little more discouraged than I have been. But I have continually said I enjoy playing. And I enjoyed today. But I don't enjoy shooting scores like I'm shooting. And I'm and I don't enjoy not being able to get the ball up on the greens after a tee shot. That's the biggest thing that's worry I can me right now.

Q. Anything encouraging today? It looks like you had some moments out there.

ARNOLD PALMER: You know, I had a couple good shots. But I'm still, my major threat is that I'm not driving it long enough. And that's something that I have to start doing if I'm going to play any competitive golf in the future.

Q. Can you talk about a few holes that stood out for you?

ARNOLD PALMER: Well, where do you want to start? It was all 18.

Q. Well, one or two.

ARNOLD PALMER: Well, I started on the back nine and of course I made a good par at 10 and then I rattled off three bogeys in a row and that was discouraging. And that's what I mean exactly. Not driving the ball far enough to be in position to get it up on the green and do something about it. And then there were some holes like 18 and 1 and a few others where I had some pretty good putts for birdies and didn't make them. And when you get a shot at a birdie, you have to make it. Particularly as close as those were. I only made one birdie all day. And that was at the sixth hole, where I hit a fairly good iron shot into the green about a foot from the hole. That was the high spot. But I'll go out and see if I can't make a few birdies tomorrow. I don't think it's possible to make the cut from where I am, but you never know.

Q. Would you run through number 6 where you made birdie. What club you hit and what and how long the putt was?

ARNOLD PALMER: Well, I hit a bad drive. And I hit a 5 wood out of the rough and I hit an 8 iron in about a foot from the hole. And I made that putt.

Q. After here do you know when you'll play again?

ARNOLD PALMER: I do not. I have entered The Open, but I am not, if I don't spruce up a little, that may be a question mark.

Quick Quotes from Mike Reid

Q. How does it feel scoring a low round in your first ever Senior PGA Championship?

MIKE REID: Well, if you had seen me play Tuesday and Wednesday, I think you could only say it's pretty surprising. In some respects I feel like my game wasn't too solid coming here. And the golf course is just a terrific test of golf.

So I just stayed patient today and happened to hit some pretty good shots. So I'm a little surprised, but I'm pleased.

Q. I know that your nickname is Radar. How do you feel that your accuracy off the tee helped you today and will help you this weekend?

MIKE REID: Well, it's just a necessity on this golf course. You just got to focus on every shot. It's such an honest golf course and being able to keep it in play is a it's just a necessity if you're going to score well.

Quick Quotes from Peter Jacobsen

Q. Any improvements during the week?


Q. Any improvements you have to you think you have to work on?

PETER JACOBSEN: Any improvements? Well, I would say in my game or on the course?

Q. In your game.

PETER JACOBSEN: Oh, you know, that's one of the things I don't -- I drove it pretty well. I hit my irons okay. I putted pretty good, except for the three puts I had, but I got it above the hole, so it's hard to stop them coming down the hills. You got to keep it below the hole, that's for damn sure.

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