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Quick Quotes for Saturday, May 28th, 2005

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Quick Quotes From: Raymond Floyd

Q. You have to feel good about how you played the front nine.

RAYMOND FLOYD: Yeah. I played well.

Q. Was the golf course good for you? Do you like it?

RAYMOND FLOYD: Yeah, it's good and difficult. I love it. It's playing golf.

Q. Winning a Major at an advanced age as they would say, you did that at the Open, would you like to do it here?

RAYMOND FLOYD: Well, that would be neat.

Q. It would be a record, you know, it would tie a record.

RAYMOND FLOYD: Yeah, it would be pretty special. I feel 31 today and now I feel 62.

Q. What was the last time that you've been in contention on a Sunday? Has it been awhile?

RAYMOND FLOYD: Oh, yeah, I don't play much. Can't be too much -- I don't play and I don't practice. It's hard. It's not my priority. I don't play golf for a living any more. I play because I enjoy being in the ropes, but I don't practice, I don't work on my game. Those things hurt. They -- I can't. My back won't allow it. And I found out about five or six years ago that if I practiced, I couldn't play, because my back was so bad. And then your skill level goes to hell when you don't practice. I was all always a pro if I have like short game practice at this serve. Putting, wedge, short irons. And you give up for five or six years that side that you always prided yourself in, and you lose those skills. It's obvious. I mean, it's something that you don't practice.

Q. To play this well then are you surprised?

RAYMOND FLOYD: No, I've been striking the ball very well the last year or so. My short game's been terrible. I missed -- I go out and hit 13 or 14 greens and be lucky to shoot par. You know, never get a ball up-and-down. Don't make a lot of putts. But this week I putted the -- the last two weeks I putted very well. And I putted, like I said, real badly early this week and then I found out early in the week that I had lost the pressure in my putting grip. Sometimes I have a tendency to get tight and tense. But I had gotten so loose that I didn't have control of the putter. And I started putting very well here on Wednesday. So to make some putts and hit a lot of fairways and greens, it's fun.

Q. You started walking after that one on the front and it didn't go down. Did you think it was going to go down?

RAYMOND FLOYD: Well, that's difficult. I hit three putts in a row on 10, 11, and 12 that I thought I made all three of them and I didn't make any. But as long as I can hit it where I'm looking, you know, these greens are difficult to read, you're going to miss some. Speed is really difficult to judge. And after the rain and footprints get a little more prevalent, it makes it all more difficult. But the reason the scores aren't any better are not because of the are because of the greens. We all know that.

Q. Because of the difficulty to read them?

RAYMOND FLOYD: Yeah, because of the slope. You get down in the valley, they're just incredibly quick.

Q. How long was the one on 8?


Q. You made your birdie --

RAYMOND FLOYD: No, no, I didn't birdie 8. I made a good bogey at 8. 9, I made probably a 55 or 60 footer. Coming across the green. That's one I would have taken two and gone in.

Q. You still get into it though.


Q. You live with it a little bit, even if it isn't --

RAYMOND FLOYD: I'm competitive, I've been competing all my life. I enjoy that. Hell, I'm trying to compete. I'm doing the best I can.

Q. Can you win this? Do you feel like you can?

RAYMOND FLOYD: I think if I can get in it and get myself close enough, yeah, there's some --

Q. You're two back now --

RAYMOND FLOYD: There's a chance. I don't want to, you know, but, yeah, if I can keep playing well and keep hanging around and nobody shoots real low.

Quick Quotes From: Peter Jacobsen

Q. How do you feel about today's round?

PETER JACOBSEN: I only played 11 holes. I'm 1-under for the day. I played okay. We got very unlucky with the weather.

Q. What is your strategy for tomorrow?

PETER JACOBSEN: To make as many birdies as I possibly can. That's the strategy.

Q. Are you going to do anything different?

PETER JACOBSEN: Do anything different? Hit it close to the hole and knock them in.

Quick Quotes From: Dave Barr

Q. How do you feel about your game play today? You seemed to play well today?

DAVE BARR: Well, it was sporadic at times. You have to be hitting the fairways. And that's the problem. I missed the fairways. And I really paid the penalty at 11 there.

I could only get a pitching wedge, maybe 60 yards and 70 yards to hit it out of the rough there. And I was lucky, I hit a 6-iron from about 187 yards between trees and made my par after that one. But it was so tough and wiry in the rough that you get it in there and you got no place to go. You can't even think about going for the green, unless you get in such a ball sitting up like a ball on a tee, you know. But probably just try to keep on the game plan of fairways and greens, fairways and greens. And try to be patient, because you know the scores aren't going low. So the key is being able to play off the fairways. Because you can use the driver a lot because you're not getting any roll and they will stay in the fairway most of the time. Then when you do hit a green, then hit it in there close and just take your share, take advantage of some of those close birdie putts.

Quick Quotes From: Darrell Kestner

Q. Give us some of your birdies here.

DARRELL KESTNER: I birdied number 3. I hit a 9-iron to about six feet. And made that. No. 11, I hit a 9-iron to about two feet and made that. 13, I holed a bunker shot.

Q. How far was that?

DARRELL KESTNER: About 30 feet. And 15 was a 10 foot birdie putt with a 7-iron.

Q. How about -- you got caught in the rain. What was the difference before rain and then after?

DARRELL KESTNER: Well, it was just an endurance test during the beginning with the rain. I knew, I said, you know, you just got to try not to get going bad and lose any ground. If you put up a decent round, you might pass some players. I was on number 5 green when we got called off. So I was 1-under par then. So I was hanging in there pretty well.

Quick Quotes From: Bob Ford

Q. How was the day today?

BOB FORD: Well, 3, 74s in a row, this is getting to be an old story. It was tough because we had to stop because of the rain. Had to stop and go back out. I guess I was okay until maybe 10 and 11. A couple bogeys there. But I brought it back and then I missed a short one at 17 and couldn't birdie 18 to shoot a good score. So I guess I'm a two handicap out here.

Q. How satisfied are you with a 74 on a day like this in which the conditions are pretty rough?

BOB FORD: Well, I don't know that they're any rougher than the first two days. I'm not happy with my score. I could shoot a lot worse, but we all want to shoot better. I'm definitely not happy.

Q. How much does the delay, an hour and a half delay today affect your game?

BOB FORD: Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I had a real hard chip out there on number 4 when we were delayed and I went back out and hit it about a foot. So I got a little fortunate and got on a little roll there. So I played fine when we came back. It didn't affect me adversely for sure.

Q. Feels sort of like the local rooting section at this stage? Feel any of that roll, I guess?

BOB FORD: I wish some of my pals were still here. I wish Arnold was still here playing. But somebody has got to be playing, I'm glad it's me, and I'm just trying to do the best I can. I got a lot of family, friends, members from Oakmont here. You try to play good when you're home. And hopefully I'll play better tomorrow. Hope springs eternal, right?

Q. With the rain, how many clubs difference, if any, were the approach shots that you normally hit? Say if you normally hit a 7 would you have to hit a 5?

BOB FORD: One club, I think. I think it was one club. It played real long for me. I'm a short hitter. But it played long for me. I hit a lot of longer clubs in today than I have in the past.

Q. With the seasonal changes you got to make in your jobs, do you get to play a lot?

BOB FORD: I do. I play a lot down all winter long in Florida. So I come home in the spring and I play a lot of golf. So I'm pretty ready to play.

Q. About how long was that putt for birdie on 18?

BOB FORD: It was probably 12 feet. Looked like 42.

Q. You made a nice approach shot there.

BOB FORD: Well, really, I pulled it. I got a wonderful break. I aimed it at the microphone in the back of the green and was trying to bring it back down to it. I wasn't going as near to that water as bad as I was choking. I got fortunate, but just couldn't shake it in.

Q. What do you expect to shoot tomorrow?

BOB FORD: Well, 66 would be a nice number. Get rid of all those over par strokes. 288 would be a nice score. But anything under par would be great.

Q. You said you missed a short putt on 17?

BOB FORD: Yeah, a 3-putt.

Q. For birdie?

BOB FORD: No, for par.

Quick Quotes From Des Smyth

Q. How do you feel you played today, shooting a 2-under par or a 2-under?

DES SMYTH: Yeah, 2-under was a good round today because for the first nine holes we had all that rain. So starting out this morning at about 9:20, it was pretty bad. And we had it for nearly two and a half hours. So I wasn't doing much at that stage. I was 1-over after nine. But I played a very good back nine. Got it back to 3-under. So I'm happy with my round, it improves my position anyway.

Q. Can you describe anything you did after the break?

DES SMYTH: Other than I had a bite to eat in between. No, the weather cleared up, you see. And it made the course a little more accessible for us. Because conditions were very tough at the start. Now there's a score out there today. Although it's playing long, the wind has died down and the rain has stopped. So it gives the guys a chance to score.

Q. Do you think 18 is playing any longer than it was?

DES SMYTH: No, it's about the same. I hit a drive and a wood to it today. It depends on where the wind is when you get to the tee, really. If the wind is down you can get it with an iron. If the wind is up, you might have to play short in two. It just depends on where the wind is.

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