The harder the fairways are, the better Tom Watson likes his chances. (Photo: Getty Images)
The harder the fairways are, the better Tom Watson likes his chances. (Photo: Getty Images)

Watson kicks off a hectic streak at the Senior PGA

The Senior PGA Championship is the first step in a big two-month journey that will take Tom Watson from Oak Tree all the way to the Scotland for the Senior British Open. And even at age 56, Watson remains convinced he can win almost anywhere.

EDMOND, Okla. (AP) -- At 56, Tom Watson understands that his golf career is winding down. But he still thinks he can be competitive in one of his favorite tournaments -- if the conditions are right.

Watson, who is playing the Senior PGA Championship this week at Oak Tree Golf Club, already is looking forward to playing in back-to-back British Opens in July. The regular British Open will be in England at Royal Liverpool, a course Watson never before has played, and the following week the Senior British Open will be at Ayrshire in Scotland.

Those two tournaments will end a five-week stretch during which Watson also will play in the Greater Kansas City Golf Classic in Overland Park, Kan.; the U.S. Senior Open at Prairie Dunes in Hutchinson, Kan.; and the Ford Senior Players Championship in Dearborn, Mich.

The five-time British Open winner was asked Wednesday if he thinks a player 50 or older will someday win a major on the regular PGA Tour. (He answered yes.) That led to an obvious question: Could that player be him?

"I think that the British Open is more of a place where I could win," Watson said. "The Masters, I'm out of the equation at the Masters. Unless we get real hard conditions, the Masters is pretty much out of my league. The U.S. Open, the way they're adding length ... I couldn't do it at the U.S. Open. But at the British Open, I might still be able to do it."

He said that at last year's British Open at St. Andrews, "the golf course played like a rock," which is ideal for his game.

"The conditions would have to be firm. They would have to be rock-hard and they would have to be pretty windy for me to win," Watson said.

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