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No. 7

537 Yards
Par 5*


Unlike the first par-5 where caution will temper most second shots, wind conditions will determine the strategy for the tee shot as players must decide whether to carry a natural dune area that intrudes into the fairway from the right or to play left of it. Once that decision is made, the second shot can be fired at a slightly elevated green that is open in front. The seventh will be an exciting tournament hole, where even a birdie may not always win the hole.

Pete Dye's Comment:

Whether into the wind, across or with it, the better players will feel as if they lost a shot if they don't make 4 here. The fairway is monumentally wide, 180 feet, and bunkering and grass mounding around the green is not severe. They'll go for this green in two, definitely. But the green itself is a challenge. It has a pretty good amount of contour. The green doesn't have much change in elevation from front to back, but there is a major dip in it.

Local knowledge:

A great wind hole in that it can either be one of the hardest on the course or one of the easiest depending on the direction of the wind. Into the wind, if you hit a driver off the tee, the bunker on the right comes into play. It forces you to lay-up and you end up hitting a wedge into the green.

This is definitely a risk/reward hole and is one of the best chances to birdie on the front side. There is a tree and water on the right side of the green and a waste bunker running down the left side of the fairway and around the back of the green. In 1997, the landing area was enlarged somewhat. Up by the green, however, the fairway narrows quite a bit.

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