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No. 8

170 Yards
Par 3*


The eighth is a seemingly simple par-3 that will become more demanding the further the pin is cut into the green. That is because this elevated green, framed by tall live oaks just off its front left corner, becomes narrower as it extends away from the tee. Any shot missing long or right will find the sand, so the rule here may be to attack the front pins but play to the center of the green otherwise.

Pete Dye's Comment:

The only key here is the front part of the approach to the green is short mowed grass. Downwind, players will have to hit it short hoping it bounces up there. Into the wind, it'll be an easy hole, but downwind it could be a nightmare. The water behind the green shouldn't come into play.

Local knowledge:

Eight is a tough risk/reward hole depending on the pin placement. The back right of the green is definitely a "Sunday placement." If the pin is back, you're looking at up to two extra clubs. The back third of the green is about 3 feet lower than the front two-thirds which means a very testy little putt if you have to negotiate the hill.

But, this is a hole where you can't be long. It's a teaser hole where players generally play to the left side of the green.

In 2002, two of the three trees on the left of the green were moved due to disease.

* Pars/Yardages not official
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