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No. 9

425 Yards
Par 4*


A strong par-4, demanding two solid shots, closes out the front nine. A wide fairway sloping down from the right makes driving length more important than direction. However, the second shot needs to be straight to find a gently elevated green that is open in front but presents plenty of tough up-and-down chances from an assortment of grassy swale and deep sandy bunker-like areas both left and right.

Pete Dye's Comment:

This sets up right to left off the tee. Most of the better players will try to hit a roper because of the way it sets up. The big deal on this hole is that the green is a little bit offset, so the ball has to be turning right to left on the second shot or they'll have to carry it to the green. Downwind it'll be a driver, 7-iron, but into the wind it could be a driver, long iron.

Local knowledge:

It's a hard hole no matter how you slice it. Drive position is key. Even with a very wide fairway, it looks intimidating. The fairway drops off the end of the world on the right. Players want to keep their drive down the left side, flirting with the dunes and leaving yourself the best shot at the green. Drive it to the right and you have a hard time getting home in two.

Assuming you hit a good drive, you need to miss the green short because a tricky up-and-down awaits left, right and back. The green is elevated with two waste bunkers on the left and a pot bunker behind.

In 2003, Dye altered the bunkering inside the dogleg tempting the longer hitters to cut the corner.

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