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No. 12

415 Yards
Par 4*


Perhaps the widest fairway on the course gives way to one of the narrowest approaches at No. 12. A good drive here sets up a downhill second shot to a green guarded closely on the right by the canal, with the dunes and thick native grasses framing the left and rear. Though narrow, the approach is open in the front, with a rolling collar area providing some room to miss the left.

Pete Dye's Comment:

Another wide fairway, but miss it right or left and it's disaster. The fairway rolls right into the green with a marsh bordering its right side. You don't realize how much of an opening there is going into the green-90 feet wide or so-but it appears to be very narrow from your second shot area. The key is to carry your second shot to the green as undulations in front of the green makes a bump and run tricky.

Local knowledge:

While the previous two holes are birdie opportunities, No. 12 isn't. There is a very large landing area for drives since fairway was added on the left in 1997. Additionally, quite a bit of roughline was added close to the large drop-off along the right side fairway. Prior to 1997, the rough was cut close. The added roughline catches balls before they drop over the edge. This greatly increased pace of play eliminating many lost balls. The strongest part of this hole is on the approach shot. The approach is severely downhill. There's a big undulation on the left center of the green making it a tough up-and-down. A collection area on the back of the green was also added in 1997 for shots hit through the green. Again, finesse on your second shot is key.

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