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No. 14

194 Yards
Par 3*


Since the sixth hole, the course has been playing to the west. But at No. 14, The Ocean Course makes a turn back to the east for its finishing stretch directly along the beach. The first par-3 on the back provides a spectacular view of the ocean. It appears that a tee shot rolling just over the green will find the surf, but actually a shot missing the dramatically elevated green will leave a severe uphill chance at saving par. Players planning their misses will favor the right side, where even a putter can be used to negotiate the steep, but closely-chopped green side contour.

Pete Dye's Comment:

This is just a big old par-3 green with plenty of contour and a big mound in the middle. But all of a sudden, now, you have a change of pace with the wind. The green is elevated equal to the height of dunes on the ocean side. This hole-after the flat greens at 12 and 13 and the change in wind since the course is going back eastward now-will make players think. They'll likely need between a 2- and 4-iron to hit the green.

Local knowledge:

The tee at No. 14 is one of the most dynamic ocean views on the course. It's also one of the most nerve-wracking views to an elevated, table-top green with trouble nearly everywhere. The only two places you can miss it are front left or front. Miss it anywhere else and you'll have a hard time recovering. There's quite a bit of room behind this green but it's a tough up-and-down.

Players can hit almost any club in the bag here depending on the wind and the tee placement. In 1997, both the white and the red teeing areas were enlarged allowing more teeing options in different weather conditions. Like on No. 3, the grass on the approaches was changed in 1997, making it easier for resort players. This may be one of the best designed par-3 on the east coast.

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