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No. 15

421 Yards
Par 4*


Most often, the short irons will be the scoring clubs at this medium length par-4, unless there is a strong wind blowing in the player's face. The approach is to a green running diagonally away from the golfer from the right or to a pond at the back left. Waste areas are left and back right of this green which is perched high on a dune ridge.

Pete Dye's Comment:

There are two championship tees here, also, just like 13 only in reverse. There's a big landing area from way back and the green is the same elevation as the fairway and you can bounce it in from right to left. It's a small green, but very receptive on the right-hand side. Another tee at 395 yards gives you a very narrow driving area. It can play long or short like 13, but it'll be with an iron if the tee is up.

Local knowledge:

This is just a good, solid, straight up golf hole. A big landing area on a fairly short, incredibly esthetic par-4. From the white tees, players are staring right at the ocean. Prior to 1997, there was no room behind the green so a collection area was added allowing players a recovery for long shots.

* Pars/Yardages not official
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