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No. 16

540 Yards
Par 5*


A straight-away par-5, No. 16 will require the player to carry his drive over a pond to reach a terraced fairway that is higher to the right side. A long, shallow waste bunker guards the second shot to the right, with another waste bunker, this one much deeper, guarding the left side of the green which is perched high on a dune ridge.

Pete Dye's Comment:

It's long, but the fairway is very wide. The left side drops down and leaves a blind shot to the second landing area. The advantage is to play down the right side and have a panorama of the second shot. Downwind, better players can reach it in two. There's a big opening on the right side with a grass swale in front of the green. This is the best approach. There's a big bunker on the left. It's very severe looking and the green is elevated on this side.

Local knowledge:

A good risk/reward from the forward tees where players can reach the hole in two. The driving landing area is big but it's very narrow by the green. From the back tees, it's a three shot par-5 unless it's playing with a strong tailwind. The second shot landing area narrows down quite a bit. The toughest part of this hole is your third shot. It's a very intimidating shot where having the correct yardage is essential. Into the wind, don't be surprised with a long iron third shot.

There is a big transition area with a steep face up by the green. In 1997, turf was added to the right in the landing area and behind the green. Even so, there's still not much room back there so accuracy is at a premium.

The area near the pond on the left side of the tee-shot landing area and the bunker in front of the green were cleared of dunes grasses in 2003.

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