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No. 17

197 Yards
Par 3*


The variety of teeing areas spread around a lake on this par-3 allows for the green to be attacked from virtually 90 degrees. The target appears narrow, and is fiercely guarded by water to the right from the left tee, and a wide, but shallow green fronted by a lake from the right. Any shot that finds land here is a good one, although players bailing out long will have trouble getting up and down from the dunes. Par is a good score here.

Pete Dye's Comment:

The tee shot is all carry over water, a very demanding par 3 and my favorite here. There are sea oaks and big dunes behind the green, which is almost a double green with a front landing area and a back landing area. There's a small bailout area to the left of the green with water right up to the front. The green is big enough at 10,000 square feet and will call for a variety of shots, depending upon the pin positions and wind.

Local knowledge:

Tons of teeing options on both sides of the pond. You'll see a lot of players standing on the back tee to see what Ryder Cup players had to face, especially on windy days (however, it was never played from the far back tees). Wind plays a big part in the strategy for playing the hole. The bail-out area on the left was enlarged in 1997. Any dry shot is a good shot on this hole.

In 2002, the pronounced mound mid-green was softened, making the player shoot for the pin rather than play it off the mound.

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