How do you play your best golf when the winds are howling as they were at The Ocean Course on Thursday? (Getty Images)
How do you play your best golf when the winds are howling as they were at The Ocean Course on Thursday? (Getty Images)

Ask PGA Expert Krista Dunton your questions regarding the 2007 Senior PGA Championship

PGA Professional Krista Dunton, the Head of Instruction at Belfair and Carolinas Section 2006 PGA Teacher of the Year, is taking your questions about instruction, the course, and everything else you view during the 2007 Senior PGA Championship at The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Resort.

Thursday Questions:

As drivers become lighter and lighter, how do you maintain a smooth tempo? I find myself swinging quicker and snapping the ball left.
Thanks, Eric

Dunton: The first thing I would look at is the weight of the shaft in your club. Have you been fitted by a shaft company to match up to your swing? The club heads are getting lighter, but that doesn't mean you have to swing a lighter club. There's a variety of shafts that you could find the one that would match your swing speed. Appropriate weight will make a lot of difference in finding your desired result.

What's the best advice you can give about playing in strong winds like we're seeing at Kiawah?
John B.

Dunton: Take enough club for the shot and control the trajectory. Don't try to over hit it. Smart players take more club, slow their swing down, decrease the spin and keep the ball lower. Also, pay particular attention to course management. If you're facing a difficult shot, figure out where you can miss and still have a good chance of saving par. You really have to think through these rounds and show some patience.

Why are players allowed to take swings in the bunkers during the Senior PGA Championship?
Bobby J., Atlanta

Dunton: Players are never allowed to take practice swings in a bunker. The sand areas you see at The Ocean Course are actually called "waste areas", and not defined as bunkers. They are not considered hazards, but I can tell you that they are actually more penal than any regular bunker you'll find. It is very difficult to control a shot coming out of one of those.

What types of greens are they putting on at The Ocean Course?
Sherry C.

Dunton: It's a somewhat new type of grass used on greens near the ocean called paspalum. It's a thick type of grass that is very sturdy and holds up well with the wind and elements that are constantly beating on it.

Has a Senior PGA Championship ever had a winning score over par?
Kenyon B.

Dunton: Yes, three times. Sam Snead shot two-over to win in 1970. Both Jack Fleck and Arnold Palmer won Senior PGA Championships with a score of one-over par.

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