Chip Beck couldn't get anything going with his putter on Friday, and led to an unsightly 78 at the Ocean Course. (Photo: Getty Images)
Chip Beck couldn't get anything going with his putter on Friday, and led to an unsightly 78 at the Ocean Course. (Photo: Getty Images)

Beck Blog: Despite disappointing round, I'm still in it

Chip Beck struggled to a 6-over 78 on Friday at the Senior PGA Championship, but the Champions Tour rookie remains optimistic about his chances. All he needs is to get his putter to cooperate a little better on these tricky greens.

By Chip Beck, Special to

Editor's Note: Chip Beck began the day in third place at 2 under, but four bogeys and a costly double-bogey gave him a 78 in the second round Friday and dropped him into a tie for 34th. He's still smiling, though, and says definitely don't count him out just yet.

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KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. -- I struggled out there. That's all I can say, I definitely struggled. I didn't feel as bad as my score, though, just felt like I didn't get the ball in the hole out on those greens. My putter was balking a bit, it didn't seem to want to make anything go in. I couldn't save my pars and that really hurts you when you can't save pars around here.

The golf course is in good shape. I think it definitely is challenging. Even though I didn't play well today, I don't think I'm out of this thing at all, not by any stretch of the imagination. It's just a matter of gaining a little momentum and getting in a better position. I had five mediocre holes out there that got me and I couldn't convert any of my birdies. Just had too many three-putts. It's just a matter of scoring. That's the nuance of the game.

As far as differences between today and yesterday, I went off early on Thursday but not until 1:10 p.m. today. I like to putt on these greens early in the morning, but that's not when you want to play on the weekend, though. See, I think that we are putting on a new paspalum grass that seems to grow during the day, making it harder to read the greens. I tell you what, when greens are fooling Loren Roberts, they're fooling half the field at least. Because he can read a green. It's challenging but I think it's a good grass and in time the young kids will be able to read it really well. It's a tough, hardy grass that's really good along the coast. The paspalum is different for us out here so right now I'm going to go putt a little bit to see if I can get a better feel for tomorrow.

I've got all my family coming in today except a couple of my children. My wife is coming in tonight and I think we are going to have a real nice weekend. We have a day at the beach planned on Monday and we'll have a big party out there as well. We'll do something Sunday night too -- just a great weekend, I'm looking forward to it.

It's nice to be in South Carolina as well. This golf course and this resort is worth coming down here for because it's a special place. Growing up in Fayetteville, N.C., and attending the University of Georgia, I've spent a lot of time in Charleston. It's a nice-sized town. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend and hopefully I'll get this tournament, too.

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