Chip Beck and his caddie Tim Thalmueller contemplate a shot Sunday at the Ocean Course. (Photo: Getty Images)
Chip Beck and his caddie Tim Thalmueller contemplate a shot Sunday at the Ocean Course. (Photo: Getty Images)

Beck Blog: If only my putter had cooperated

In his final blog from the Senior PGA Championship, Chip Beck says that playing with Tim Kite and D.A. Weibring on Sunday at the Ocean Course was a joy, but his putting -- particularly his reading of the greeens -- let him down.

By Chip Beck, Special to

Editor's Note: Chip Beck shot a 74 Sunday in the final round of the Senior PGA Championship, with three bogeys and no birdies. He totaled 292 for the tournament and tied for 19th at 4 over. Beck reflects on his week at Kiawah Island and comes away feeling optimistic about his future on the Champions Tour.

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I had a great tournament. I played well, though I didn't score as well as I could have. At the same time, I don't know how I could have actually played better. It was just a matter of not scoring as well as I would have liked this week but I still feel really good about it.

I had a good day in the final round with my group of Tom Kite and D.A. Weibring. They are great competitors and fun people to play with and be around. D.A. could have had a great round but he had a couple of bad breaks here and there. Tom had a good finish but he could have had a really extraordinary round, too.

I wish I could have played a little better, though of course finishing tied for 19th is still good. I know there will be better tournaments down the road for me. I'm encouraged by that. It was a great tournament -- a little disappointing for my first major but I feel like it was very challenging. I've never seen so many misreads in my career of putting and playing golf. If I could have read the greens a little better it could have been a different week for me. You know what, considering that I wasn't putting well -– actually, I wasn't making putts but I felt like I was putting well –- I kept my spirits good and I stayed focused in spite of all the disappointment. I hit it close early on and could have birdied every hole starting out. Shooting 1 over today on the front, that's really disappointing. It's a trial as a golfer to go through that but I hung in there. I kept a good spirit and kept hitting good putts that unfortunately did not go in.

I'm looking forward to better weeks. I think this is a great venue for a tournament and I really am happy that the PGA of America comes here because it's a great course. As for my upcoming plans, I'm going up to attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open a week from tomorrow. It's in Chicago and I'm hoping to get in -- I'm really looking forward to that. That would be a treat for me to go play Oakmont. My caddie is going up with me and we are going to know the golf course and be ready for it. We'll give it our best shot and see what happens.

I hate missing next week's Boeing Championship at Sandestin on the Champions Tour. That's a real disappointment for me especially because my sponsor Fortress owns the resort and the president of Boeing is a guy from my hometown of Lake Forest, Ill. Also, it's one of the prettiest areas in the country so I just hate missing it but you can't do it all. Unfortunately, even though my family is the most important thing to me, I can't make it to all the graduations and all the proms. But that's the way it goes.

What it all comes down to is this: I'm thankful that my health was good this week, I feel great and my game was in great shape.

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